1984 Sikh Genocide: Delhi High Court reserves verdict on Sajjan Kumar’s plea

NEW DELHI—The High Court of Delhi has reserved its decision on Sajjan Kumar’s plea seeking transfer of judge appointed to hear petition moved by him earlier. Sajjan Kumar is a key culprit of 1984’s Sikh genocide in Delhi that claimed more than 3000 Sikh lives.


Sajjan Kumar had earlier moved the petition in High Court seeking change of Judge appointed by the court.  Sajjan Kumar had alleged in the plea that Justice PS Teji was a Sikh and may pass a biased judgement.  The High Court had then slammed Kumar by saying that it will be a unique day in history when the petitioner will choose the Judge.

The CBI clarified before the Court that Sajjan Kumar and other accused in the case of murdering seven Sikhs during 1984 Sikh genocide were trying to delay the proceedings of the case. CBI had also made it clear that Justice PS Teji didn’t hear the case in Trial Court instead he had entertained the bail pleas of accused which were rejected. 


  1. Waite for another thirty years by that time all the minorities will be wiped out and there is no need for a trial.


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