1984 Sikh Genocide: High Court takes on Sajjan Kumar for casting aspersion over Judge

tytlerNEW DELHI—The High Court of Delhi has strongly reacted to the plea moved by the key culprit of 1984’s Sikh genocide seeking shuffling of Judge from the case. The division bench of Delhi High Court comprising Justice Gita Mittal and Justice PS Teji on October 17 said that it will be a unique day in history when the parties will decide the Judge to hear their case.

Deferring the hearing on the case, the Court said that the litigants were moving such pleas in large number but they don’t understand how much time of the court they waste.

It is pertinent to note here that the key culprit of 1984 Sikh genocide Sajjan Kumar, who was acquitted by a trial Court in 2013 in a case related to the killing of five Sikhs by a Hindu mob in Delhi Cantonment’s Raj Nagar area, had sought in his plea that the case be transferred to another bench as Justice PS Teji had heard anticipatory bail pleas in the case as a trial Court Judge.

Notably, the case pertains to killing of five Sikhs namely Kehar Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Raghuvender Singh, Narender Singh and Kuldeep Singh by a Hindu mob led by Sajjan Kumar. The Court had earlier acquitted the key accuse Sajjan Kumar in 2013 while holding the other five guilty in the massacre. The other five accused including former MLA Mahender Yadav were addressed the sentence by Court according to their role in massacring the Sikhs.

The Central Bureau of Investigation had opposed the Sajjan Kumar’s acquittal and had challenged the trial Court’s decision in the High Court of Delhi.

Furthermore, the CBI has also termed the litigation moved by Sajjan Kumar casting aspersion over Judge as an attempt to intimidate the Court. The CBI has said that the litigant was trying to delay the proceedings of the Court and frustrate the course of Justice.  


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