Narendra Modi to attend 350th birthday celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Patna Sahib

Takht Sri Patna Sahib
Takht Sri Patna Sahib

PATNA, Bihar—Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the 350th birth anniversary celebrations of 10th Sikh master Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji on January 5, 2017 at Takht Sri Patna Sahib.  Modi was invited by the management committee of Sri Patna Sahib.

While paying obeisance at Patna Sahib on October 14, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad confirmed the developed and announced that Modi will be present as the chief guest during the celebrations next year.

The Union Minister gathered details of the preparations being made for the celebrations of 350th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Interacting with media on this eve, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Prime Minister had granted Rupees 10,000,000 to the Bihar State government to allow them to mark the celebrations with fervour. He said that the Union government of India was ready for every type of assistance needed for the birth anniversary celebrations.  

The Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar also said that the state government of Bihar will serve the Sikh devotees with full devotion during 350th birth anniversary celebrations.  “Our poor state will perform every task to facilitate convenient journey to the Sikh devotees during 350th birth anniversary celebrations and we invite the worldwide Sikh devotees to attend the celebrations,” he added.


  1. Well concern for human rights is good but some people seem to be much more concerned about 2002 Gujarat than the continued atrocities on Sikhs in J&K, as also Pakistan and Afghanistan where they are being made to pay jizia or convert by the Taliban. Do not forget that while Sikhs of course have distinctive religious practices and identity, socially in any Muslim majority area they will always be lumped with Hindus as ‘kafirs’ and subject to the same discrimination and oppression. So even while retaining own distinct identity and religious rites, socially Sikhs will have to stand with Hindus against the global jihadi terrorism which today is ransacking the whole world, not just India but the West also. Regarding the tragic and sordid happenings of 1984, it is indeed a very very shameful chapter in the history of independent India but it was a political massacre orchestrated by the Congress party and not by ordinary people whether Hindus or any others. So no community should be considered responsible but a political party. As an ordinary Hindu not affiliated to any political party I feel the pain and anguish and demand punishment for the perpetrators, as much as the direct victims. And I feel all true Hindus and Indians should feel the same.

  2. How are you getting wiped out I fail to understand.Don’t suffer from.persecutory tendencies.
    For Muslims it is a story between them and the PM on what happened in Gujarat.
    They have 40 countries to back them .

    • You don’t suffer from ‘persecutory tendencies’ because you are not a Sikh and are not having your Guru descecrated regularly and being shot dead by police for protesting it. You didn’t suffer an anti SIkh pogrom that murdered thousands of Sikhs in your capital city nor lost tens of thousands of disappeared and tortured to death in extrajudicial encounters. The very fact that you are ready to dismiss the mass murder of Muslims in Gujrat as being nothing more than an internal matter for Gujrat rather than a national concern shows exactly where you stand when it comes to the rights of Indian citizens who are not of your particular faith.

  3. I would suggest that you should learn to address with respect the PM of a Nation.
    Sitting in a foreign land you have no right to criticize our PM.
    We are living in a better world which has justice for all the Nationalist people.
    Love India or any other Nation you decide to live in be it Canada UK or USA.

  4. Reason to focus on Gujarat is simple as those killings of Muslims happened under his watch and he is the one responsible for it. If law and order and Judiciary was fare in that country: these atrocities would never happened and we wouldn’t be talking about them. When it come to human rights it doesn’t matter which part of the world one lives in? Human rights are universal .Sikhs everyday in their Ardass pray for the welfare of the whole world. It is moral duty of every Sikh no matter where he or she is living to stand up against violation of human rights irrespective who is involved : be it be Dalits in UP or Nagas, Muslims, Christians Sikhs in different parts of the country When one sees something wrong it has to be pointed out.You mentioned tolerating heat for the day it comes down to how law treats you. Look what happened to family of Bapu Surat Singh what is he fighting for ? (Justice for Sikhs) and few Sikhs from foreign countries who attended the Sarbat Khalsa in 2015 are being charged with sedition.Sedition charges are distributed in that country as you are passing candy on Diwali.( I don’t wish even on my enemies to spend a day in jail in Punjab under trumped up charges). Also you are wrong the persons living outside country cannot make a difference : they can, just look at where the gaddar movement or free India movement started. I don’t want to preach to you I sincerely want you to sit down and learn about our own history get some good books not from tid bits put out by biased media or recited in our Gurudwaras. In your comment you went From Gurus to 21ist century and forgot what Banda Bahuder or Ranjit Singh did They had established a Sikh Raj or what was promised to Sikhs before partition by the then Hindu leaders . Unless you understand the ultra motives of RSS and others likes them .It will be difficult to understand what I wrote in my first comment ” wiping us out from face of this world”. I want to clear another misconception people have of Sikhs living in Diaspora that they are trouble makers No we are not what we want is justice and better world for all of us. I don’t think that is a bad idea

    • Nations are made and destroyed by Empires.
      You must never forget this fact.
      The Sikh kingdom has gone with the wind when the British empire finished it.after the Anglo – Sikh war.
      Learn to respect the EMPIRE .

      • One man created the Khalsa and the Khalsa went on to oust the Moghul / Afghan overlords in Punjab. It is not other empires which destroy nations as you well know but the radical idea. By Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s hand it was the transformation of his Sikhs from sparrows into hawks – if he had not done so would modern day India exist for it is founded on the blood, sweat and tears sacrifice of Sikhs and all the Hinduvta mafia flag wavers would now all be descendants of fundamentalist Muslims living in an equally repressive and religious intolerant Islamic Republic.

      • Also no man is inconsequential – that is the fear your Empire thinking puts in your mind. All men are created equal by Waheguru and He destroys all Empires. What fear can you have of Empires when you have God on your side? This is the fear Empires have of the ‘inconsequential man’ when he holds this to be true for he is then completely unstoppable.

  5. Narang ji, why your focus is only on the Gujrat. I’m a Sikh and I believe that no community is safe from the violence and killings. We are Indians and modi is our PM so what is the harm in inviting him. Moreover, the court that cleared his name in Gujrat riots. I know that nobody in Gujrat or anywhere will believe that modi is not at all responsible for massacre at any level but there has to be an end. The country itself has decided that the Supreme Court is highest authority and when a team appointed by them says they didn’t find any evidence against modi, what’s the way out. You can’t expect God to come down and declare modi is clean to make sure you believe it. we have to come to a decision ourselves.
    It is much better to let modi come and have a reporter ask him that what he is doing to bring the 1984 riots culprits to book and by when he will close the matter. Ask Nitish kumar to pledge that he will push the central govt whenever possible to get us justice. What do you mean by saying BJP is bad, Congress is bad, politics in country is bad. Are you signaling toward having our own pure land. If yes I suspect you are sitting in UK or USA because no one in Punjab wants anything like that at all. We belive that those siting 7 seas away don’t project our views and if they are so concerned about religion come to the land where it’s roots are and start talking. You can’t tolerate the heat for a day and give summons to us. If our Gurus wanted Sikhs to have a separate state they should have fought mughlas for a piece of land not for peace.

  6. You must have lot of respect for Putin’s Kim Jong-on, Bashar Assads of the world. Please go read Rana Ayyub’s book on Gujrat files and find out what kind of person Modi is ? Respect is earned by good deeds not by gunda gardi Sikhs were not the one who trampled on any one’s rights. They have been since 1947 victims of discrimination in one form or another. Another eye opener for you watch documentary Final Assault and find out how systematically a community is wiped out. Sikhs are not going out on the streets of Punjab and mocking sentiments of any community as recently carried out by Rss leaders ( your response was it is a free country) yes free country for the majority they can do anything to minorities with complete impunity and minorities are to lick their feet. That must be your agenda not Sikh Agenda.or agenda of any free society.As far law and order situation in that country one has to deaf blind and brainless not see the how justice is dealt in that country.

    • Think like an Indian and no problem will accrue.
      .It is important that you don’t unnecessarily raise issues which are figment of your imagination.

      • Think like an Indian and there will no problem. Wasn’t Indira Gandhi an Indian? Wasn’t Rajiv Gandhi an Indian? Isn’t Kamal Nath an Indian? Isn’t Jagdish Tytler an Indian? Isn’t Sajjan Kumar an Indian? Weren’t the police officers who murdered two Sikhs in broad daylight a year ago Indians? Are the continuing beadbi desecrations of our Guru Granth Sahib ‘figments of our imagination’? It is important that you don’t dogmatically close your eyes and mind to injustice and decency

      • By definition a fellow who kills fellow Indian is not a Indian.
        It challenges the very definition of a Nation.
        Life is always more strong and resilient than killers.

      • ‘By definition a fellow who kills fellow Indian is not a Indian’? The last I heard the likes of Kamal Nath, Jagdish tytler, Sajjan kumar et al have never ever had their Indian nationality passports revoked and the biggest airport in the capitol city bears Indira Gandhi’s name on it. The definition of a nation is how it treats its minorities.

  7. You got to remember that India is a multi religious country where people have to peacefully co exist.
    The clash takes place when ever there is a tendency for superiority, and exclusivity .

    • Astonishing hypocritical post from a RSS supporter who believe religiously and fundamentally in superiority and exclusivity over their fellow man. Embrace the Dalit and sit down and eat with him before you try to make such comments against +the Sikhs. You can do this at any Gurdwara in the langer established by Sikhi all humans are equal principles centuries ago.

      • So do it . No one is denying the right for langar.
        How ever we need a lot more jobs to be done like building space station space ships ,aircrafts etc etc.

      • I already sit down with everyone and anyone because I am a Sikh and do not beleive in the caste system which is an abomination in the eyes of God. You should follow suit to prove you too do not believe in superioty and exclusivty over your fellow man, yes that includes the Dalit.

  8. Vahiguroo Jio, if modi expects Sikh Kaum to believe he is truly not supportive of former congress govt or rss raj evil deeds, then, first steps is to release Sikh and other release long overdue prisoners

  9. When is our community learn and come to its senses and start putting interest of the community at large first instead of bowing before these dirty politicians who have butchered our community at large with impunity: be it be Congress or BJP or any other coalition who couldn’t bring to justice the culprits of Sikh Genocide ,or genocide of other minorities ie Muslim and Christians.After what happened to Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 under the leadership of Modi anyone who believes in human rights will never invite him as any kind of a guest let alone be chief guest in our gurudawara’s where human rights of all are protected .I understand we have to live in that country but that doesn’t mean we have to lick the shoes of these people to survive We have to live with honour and our heads high, we should reject any kind of financial assistance to celebrate our functions. By providing this money these people want to wash out their sins they have committed and project to the world how great they are ? Mark my word and watch this celebrations turns out to be starting point of demise of Sikhs. As these people are bent upon annihilating Sikh religion and destroy our identity any which way they can ?

    • It is a nice and a honour for the PM of Nation to join the celebrations.
      I fail to understand this fear of annihilation.
      As for violence , I can say no society is free from it and we need to have laws which prevent it.
      We also need to be a law abiding society.

      • It is nice and a honour for the OM of the nation to join the celebrations? You mean the very same PM of the nation who did not want Sikh soldiers in their dastaars on military parade day? Why would he be interested in celebrating the birth of Guru Gobind Singh who created the Khalsa who wear those very dastaars he does not want to the nation to see on parade day? We should not be encouraging our politicians to indulge in hypocrisy.

      • By that reckoning Sikhs should have very pleased when Indira Gandhi turned up at the Darbar Sahib having desecrated it and praised her for rebuilding (using paid labour no less) the Akal Takht that she demolished with tanks. Also we should invited Rajiv Gandhi to come along too after he allowed four days of mass murder against Sikhs as he too was leader of the country.By your warped reasoning we should be ‘respectful’ also of India’s leader such as Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler who have all been given clean chits by India’s laws. Slavish deference is not in the psyche of the Sikh kaum, the desire for justice and decency is.

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