UK Fringe Groups Ask for Dhadrianwale’s Summons From Badal Appointed Jathedars

jago-uk-meeting-oct-2016BIRMINGHAM, UK—During a meeting on October 9, 2016 at Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib in West Bromwich, the Jago Wala Jatha and supporters have sought action against Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale.  The meeting organizers agreed to ask SGPC Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh to take strict action against Dhadrianwale for allegedly speaking against the amrit-sarovar (sacred pool) in a recent diwan.

While the meeting was attended by only two dozen individuals, mostly Jago Wale followers and local leaders of the International Panthik Dal, the meeting organizers claimed to be representing the entire UK Sikh Sangat.  However, while doing so, this group not only condemned Dhadrianwale, but also legitimized the authority of SGPC appointed Jathedars who were sacked at Sarbat Khalsa in 2015.

“We ask the Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar to take strict action against Dhadrianwale for causing misinformation within Sikhs. Until the Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar takes action as per Sikh standards, we ask Sikh Sangat to completely boycott Dhadrianwale,” the meeting organizers said.

The allegation itself has been branded baseless by numerous individuals and organizations online, who having listened to the Dhandriwale’s recording in question, have claimed to have found no such blasphemous comments.

A press statement from Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar, the organization that Dhandriawale heads, reads.”Deliberate attempts are being made to disseminate misconstrued information that Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale has spoken against certain Sikh traditions such as ‘Ishnaan’ (bathing) in the Sarovar. Furthermore, a picture is being painted that Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa has “attacked Gurbani” and has “attacked Darbar Sahib”. Not only is this bizarre but it is far from the truth.” 

“Many are often quick to form an opinion based on short video clips edited to suit an out-of-context message. In order to understand the core point and realize the context, the explanations and discussions should always be analysed in full. Sikhs must never be influenced by hearsay, and accepting information purely due to the fact it has come from groups considered to be their own.”

Providing clarification over his stance, Bhai Dhadrianwale said, “One individual approached me about not being able to go to Punjab, and consequently not being able to do darshan ishaan at Sri Amritsar.  I simply told this person that while the ishnan at Sri Amritsar is very pious, he should not carry the weight that he is less of a Sikh for not being able to do ishaan.  I explained to him that he can still read Gurbani and take ishnaan of Gurbani at home.”

The Jago Wale Jatha who headed the recent meeting have been widely criticized by Sikh Sangat via social media, for giving support to Badal appointed Jathedars, and stirring up false accusations against a panthik personality.

Some of the comments posted on Jago Wale Jatha’s Facebook wall include –

“Interesting to know what the view of UK Taksal groups is on Baba Dhumma and Sarkari Jathedars. It disappointing that affiliated groups that stem from UK Taksal support Baba Dhumma and Jasbir Singh Rode, as well hide the facts that their own kathavachiks in the UK have met and greeted RSS leader Sadhvi and have serious accusations against them for wrong behaviour with ladies.  Instead they hell bent on picking small points from other prachariks and jathebandis who get more popularity and more Sangat behind them. These people have become known for intolerance, lack of pyaar to others not agreeing to their Maryada and version of history, and inciting senseless violence and cold murder.”

“What jathedaars, the ones with sirsa wale? Why not say anything about them and the real panth dhokis? u guys are jealous and have a lot of hate and you call yourself Singh’s… Jagowale are with rss and support dhumma end off people had a lot of respect for you guys.. Anyways what goes around come around…”

“This is just pathetic. All the jathedars works for government they are wrapped around government’s little finger including you lot. you all work for government. Jathedars can’t even speak for themselves how they going to speak for someone else.”

“Why you people doing anti Sikh activities, Sant Bhindrawale always wanted all Sikh sangat together under the Nishan Sahib, but your policy looks similar to divide and rule. Check comments below this post ,they all sikh and they wont expected this type of ਕੂੜ ਪਰਚਾਰ from jagowale.”

Jago Wale Jatha have courted much controversy over the last few months as they release statements and videos which have been accused of being hateful and malicious.



  1. We need more Sant Preachers who can tell the sikhs what our Gurus showed the path & where we are going. If all the sikhs become ‘Guru da Khalsa’ not only Panjab, India could be Khalistan with the blessings of the Guru & the God.

  2. If Jago people would have listened carefully to Baji Ranjit Singh response on his facebook about Sarowar, they would know that Bhai Sahib is not against Sarowar, dont know why these people are acting like “dead brain” unless they are looking more popularity by associating themselves with Bhai Ranjit Singh plus making money from anti Sikh agencies. People are not dumb enough to believe such crap from Jago group

  3. This meeting was held by sevadars of guru har rai sahib gurdwara westbromwich and bhai randhir singh not by the jagovale or the ipd. These people were just invited

  4. Naam jida da rakha ha ” jago wala”
    Koi kam v kr lo jagne vala. Tuhade barge loka d politics kr k Sikh aaj apne Haqqani Kyu lad rhe ne. Bhai Gursharn singh kive kuj keh du baba g nu, more than 60/70% Punjab baba g de naal ha. Koi kuj action le k dekhe, Asa Sant kom nu bhut mushkil milta Hun ni khona asi. Sudar jo kite Sanu Tuhada hi sodha sodna Pve.
    Waheguru g ka Khalsa waheguru g Ki Fateh

  5. Bhai Jee very well demonstrated of today’s ongoings. One hand we all in UK protest for freedom for sikh from the corrupt Indian and Badal Government and on the other hand there are these who follow them? where is our sikhi going ? has anyone no more loyality or any qualities of what Sikhi is? these are the guys who let us down and it shows how can we all work together in ‘ekta’ when you have these guys holding grudge against another Sikh. Why not go after real those who are betraying us. I suppose it sums it up – Dhadrianwale and alike are easy target for these today’s Zakria Khans……..

  6. The above comments and innuendo from the Jago Wala jatha and the International Panthic Dal, is deeply unfortunate. It is a tragic betrayal and departure from the authentic and straight-forward cause for Sikh-Panjaabi independence, sovereighty and free statehood (all combined and interconnected as one) and the associated disengagement from the rotten elements and structures which continue to complicate and contaminate the Panjaabi national life. For the Jago Wala Jatha, for whom the whole nation had held a great deal of immense respect for a long time, it reveals and demonstrates a u-turn on the ethical panthic values for which we have all been fighting, dieing and suffering. The embracing of the bogus, malicious, badal appointed ‘jathedaars’, reveals everything! It reveals the dramatic collapse of morals by the Jago Wala Jatha and its associates. Similarly, the International Panthic Dal, has become a rolling farce, with its open embracing of Badal – the current day Zakria Khaan and Demonic Dogra of Panjaab. For those who are not familiar with Zakria Khan, he was the evil, murderous governor of Panjaab whilst it was under the crushing grip of the Mughal and Afghan rule in the 1700s. For those unfamiliar with the grotesque Dogras, the were Brahmins given positions of seniority around Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and who used their select position to collude with the invading British imperialists to invade and subsume the independent Panjaab into the rotten mess of British India and current day Hindutva-India. Both these horrid, poisonous destructive souls have re-surfaced today in Badal and his demonic raaj, with Modi being today’s manifestation of Aurangzeb and Hitler! Panjaab as a nation, people, land, territory, civilisation has been the victim of centuries long oppression, abuse, subjugation. Panjaab has been starved of justice, hope, freedom. Panjaab’s soul deserves full, total, concrete freedom in the form of total, independent, authentic Panjaabi based home-rule and statehood. There are those who pose as the big ‘khalistanis’ one day and become part of the ruling establishment, the next day. The case of Jasbir Rode, using his fame and position as nephew of the mighty spirited hero Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, is an obvious example of this u-turn behaviour. Just because you have a blood tie with Bjrindranwale, does not make a you a Bhindranwale. Just, as the sons and relatives of the gurus did. As with these entire former ‘khalistanis’, with their loud noise, bang bang sloganeering, fearsome banter and rhetoric, they have all deflated back into their real positions. We can see you clearly for the hollow, crude, crass stuff that you are! Siding with power, the powerful and their images and structures; is a human disease which has run throughout history across the world. The few stand like lions, and walk calmly and composedly in the path of justice, freedom and good. As Kabir jee says, a true lion walks alone, and not in a crowd. “It is dangerous to be right, when those in power are wrong.” Voltaire. “You can imprison our bodies, but you cannot imprison our minds.” Sukha & Jinda

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