General Assembly Welcomes New Term for Sikh Council UK

COVENTRY, UK—Sikh Council UK held a successful General Sikh Councilthe previous two years activity and set out priorities and budgets for the new term as well as beginning the process for selecting a new administration.

The General Assembly was held at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash, Harnall Lane West, Coventry and saw attendance by around 165 delegates.  Delegates present represented all sections of the Sikh community including Gurdwaras, Jathebandis, schools, campaigning organisations and youth organisations.

Secretary General of Sikh Council UK, Gurmel Singh said, “In the run up to the General Assembly we invited Sikh organisations to renew their affiliation or to join us for the first time.  We have been overwhelmed by the scale of response with more affiliations than ever before at this stage of the cycle.  It is also noteworthy that affiliated member organisations represent the full breadth of views within the community.  This is unique and important for Sikh Council UK to be a truly representative body.”

He added, “The General Assembly has put into place a process for appointing a new administration consisting of our Executive, Office Bearers and Committee Chairs.  We expect to have this process completed and the new administration in place by January 2017.  



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