Sikh Activist Joga Singh ‘Khalistani’ Passes Away; No Funeral Until Attackers are Put Behind Bars

Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khose at the DMC Hero Heart Hospital earlier today

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Sikh activist and member of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar’s youth wing from Ludhiana, Bhai Joga Singh Khalistani passed away today around 2 PM.  Bhai Joga Singh had been active in the Sikh political scene for past few years.  He came to the limelight during the mid-phase of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s struggle and also played a role in organizing Sarbat Khalsa 2015.  He was seen sitting on the stage behind prominent leaders in Chabba during the November Sarbat Khalsa gathering last year.

Bhai Joga Singh Khalistani’s motorcycle was hit from the back by a black colored Innova car near Ludhiana in July earlier this year.  He was admitted at the DMC Hero Heart hospital in Ludhiana and remained in a critical condition despite being put under supervision of senior medical experts there.  He today succumbed to his injuries which he sustained on his head during the accident.

A case was registered against Sandeep Singh, a kathakar from the Damdami Taksal and six others.  While Sandeep Singh was never taken into custody, others were given bail shortly after the accident.  Bhai Joga Singh and alleged accused Sandeep Singh had been involved in personal feuds for quite some time.  

Before the accident in July, Sandeep Singh was attacked by 10 men.  Sandeep Singh blamed Joga Singh Khalistani as the main culprit behind the attack.  Just days later, another incident took place in which Sandeep Singh hit Joga Singh’s motorcycle from the back, which led the latter to receive severe injuries.

Following the attack, several Sikh leaders, including Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, S. Simranjit Singh Mann, Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khose, Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and others condemned the attack.  Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa who was also admitted at the DMCH expressed grief over the incident.

Sikh sangat in large numbers arrived at the DMC Hospital after the news of Bhai Joga Singh’s passing away.  Namely, leaders of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee, Dal Khalsa and Damdami Taksal arrived here with their supports to share their condolences.

Bhai Gurdeep Singh Naulakha from Damdami Taksal (Rajpura) said that the family members and Sikh leaders have decided to not perform Bhai Joga Singh’s final rites until the culprits are charged with the crime.  “We are asking the Police to arrest and register a case against alleged culprits under section 302.  Until then, the family will not perform antim sanskar of Bhai Joga Singh,” Bhai Naulakha said.


  1. The enemies of sikh soch are attacking us physically & mentally, wake up! Why are you fighting with brothers, if you have fighting spirit, fight with them.

  2. Vahiguroo Jio jeh Singh Singh dei vairi tah Guru Maharaj kirpa dya so sab Sikhan nu pata hovei, “JIN PREM KIO TIN HEE PRABH PAIOH jio_/\_!”


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