Poem: Where are the Sikhs?

Where are the Sikhs? Sleeping.
Some asleep with a pillow full of cash, plundered by maya.
Taken by haumeh, some are asleep behind the veil of power.
Some asleep because they have been forced to.
Who will wake them? When will they rise?
For now, they are asleep.

What sleep will satisfy us? How many hours?
The days are diminishing and we haven’t woken up.

Where are the Sikhs? Hiding.
Some hiding from change, afraid they can’t adapt.
Some hiding from the world, afraid they won’t be accepted.
Some hiding from their Guru, taken by shame.
When will they reveal themselves? Who knows,
For now, they are hiding.

Who do we hide from? There is no one to please, but Him.
The days are diminishing and we are still wearing our masks.

Where are the Sikhs? Playing.
Some playing the game of the world, day and night, forgetting their identity. Some playing with their toys, never accepting reality.
Some playing with their words, never telling the truth.
When will they stop? When will they grow?
For now, they are playing.

Yes, we are His children, but why do we keep –
Playing, whining, crying. How will His fauj rise?
The days are diminishing and we haven’t grown.

Where are the Sikhs? Only He knows.

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