California Gandhi Statue Sparks Controversy

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA—The city of Davis, CA is erecting a statue of the Indian political icon Mohandas Gandhi, a Hindu preacher surrounded by controversy. Opponents call Gandhi a racist, sexist, casteist bigot and sexual predator. They say the myth of Gandhi is what most of the world knows, but that it’s propaganda and lies.

Controversy Over California Gandhi Statue
Watch this video on YouTube.

The statue is paid for by the Indian government. The City Council voted 3-2 to continue the installation despite impassioned dissent from dozens of Indian-American community members and others. Watch as their endless facts documenting Gandhi as anti-peace fall on the deaf ears of the State.

Davis plans to unveil the statue on October 2, 2016.


  1. The question really is “why would the Indian government be promoting its hindu fascist agenda in the US?” Of course to undermine the majority of Indian Americans who disagree with their racist policies. A country with a multitude of problems is sending statues of its most vile self serving clown to foreign nations. Try feeding the starving people in the streets before the propaganda. Third world country with third world mentality.

  2. What kind of crazy idea is it for the Indian government to pay for a statue of Gandhi in America? Why does the world think he was some kind of saint when he was really racist, casteist, and a sexual predator? What’s happening?


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