Sikh Activists Acquaint Jammu Authorities About Growing Injustices

JAMMU, J&K—A delegation of Youth Akali Dal Amritsar led by Bhai Papalpreet Singh today handed over a memorandum to the Additional Divisional Commissioner of Jammu seeking justice for the Sikhs massacred in J&K province.

Addressed to the Chief Minister of J&K, the memorandum has been written by President of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar S. Simranjit Singh Mann.   


S. Mann states in the memorandum that J&K state did nothing to punish the police cops responsible for the martyrdom of an innocent Sikh youth Bhai Jashjeet Singh Jammu.  “Instead of punishing the SSP responsible for opening unprovoked firing on protesting Sikh youths, the state has promoted him to the rank of DIG,” S. Mann alleged.  

Notably, Bhai Jashjeet Singh Jammu attained martyrdom June 4, 2015 in an unprovoked firing opened by the Jammu police on Sikh youths protesting against the tearing of posters containing Sikh icon Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

Talking about massacre of 43 Sikhs in village Chittisinghpura of J&K territory, S. Simranjit Singh Mann has said that the massacre has not been probed even after passage of 16 years. He added that it was well established fact that the Indian Army had massacred Sikhs there.  S. Gurdev Singh (President of SADA from Jammu), S. Jaspal Singh Mangal (Ex. President), S. Ram Singh (Secretary), S. Navdeep Singh Amritsar (Youth Secretary) were also present on this occasion.


    • Wow. What perverted thinking you have. They are showing solidarity with fellow Indians who are being abused and suffering injustice and you just want them to concentrate on getting something for themselves rather than doing good for whole community and humanity. Shows the real difference in Sikhi thinking and Hinduvta thinking.


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