Resolving Problems In The Panth [Reflections After Bradford Beadbi]

Editor’s Note: The following statement was shared with Sikh24 by one of our readers after our expose of beadbi in Bradford.  We are sharing this statement here for the benefit of our readers.

The problem with our Panth is that we do not address the root causes of any of our problems. 

The two biggest internal problems that are stopping our Panth from being one and growing are:

1. Too many Gurdwaras – there needs only be one or two per city. Imagine all the Sangat coming together, we wouldn’t be faced with the problem we are now where halls are empty during the week, the overheads of operating them are causing debt. Imagine the resources we could put in place if all those donations were put together and the impact we could have on our youth.

2. Saroops of our beloved Guru Maharaaj are too easily available, which means any TomDickHarry who wants to open a new Gurdwara, because he has too much ego to work with his fellow bretheren, can go and buy a saroop and open a Gurdwara. 

There needs to be a worldwide stop to printing saroops – until then:
– the next generation will be less likely to do mehnat to memorise Gurbani by heart
– Sangat will not come together as there are too many factions caused by the simple access to purchase saroops and then go on to…..
– opening new Gurdwaras around the corner from where there are already 5 others

Sangat Ji, if we can’t overcome our differences and do seva/simran together operating from only one or two Gurdwaras per city, how will we ever come together to tackle all of the other problems?!

Who is monitoring all of this? Why is it being allowed? Why can’t we rise above our individual greed and ego and try to work with each other?


  1. 1 or 2 Gurdwaras per city – how will you enforce such a rule? What about large Western cities like Los Angeles that can take 2 hours to drive from one side to another, will only 1 Gurdwara work? Think before you write. Problem is not big egos who want to build their own Gurdwara, they will always be there. Problem is stupid Sikhs who follow them.

    • Veer Amrik Singh, I humbly request you read my follow-up comment – “there should only be 1 Gurdvara per x miles radius”
      The “x” miles is something that can be discussed and agreed upon which would take into consideration practicalities.
      The Sikhs are not stupid as you state, but they are simply searching for something…. something that our “leaders” have been entrusted to provide – a community hub – but if there are so many of them around, which one is following the true maryada? How can there be quality control? How can we be sure that people in these hubs are not abusing the power they have?
      If we don’t tackle this collectively, then I ask you and any other Sikh, how do we tackle the bigger problems facing our panth? We need to get our house in order first.

  2. The only way is if Akaal Takhat Sahib takes control of the situation and sets a worldwide rule that there should only be 1 Gurdvara per x miles radius. When this happens, it will solve many of our internal problems; Sangat will have no option but to work together; this will mean increased Sangat numbers at the Gurdvara equating to more opportunities for seva/simran together and greater impact of parchaar. It will also force the closure of all of these dera-type Gurdvaras who are causing so many factions and the destruction of our Panthic ekta – their sole aim should be parchaar which can happen at the only Gurdvara in x miles radius. Someone needs to research into “how the (ridiculous) number of Gurdvara Sahibs in a small radius is impacting on the Sikh panth”


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