EXCLUSIVE: CCTV Footage Of Bradford Beadbi

BRADFORD, UK—CCTV footage of the individuals who drove to Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, on Gobind Marg (off Leeds Road) in Bradford, UK, has now become available. The footage seems to add new information to what was previously known.

The footage clearly shows that there were in fact two individuals who participated in bringing the saroop (physical form) of Guru Granth Sahib ji to the Gurdwara Sahib. The police, however, have so far not been sharing information regarding their investigation so their progress is not yet known.

Unfortunately, this footage and those from CCTV from surrounding businesses have failed to capture the rental vehicle’s registration number, due to the low light quality of the cameras during the night.

It has been identified though that there are high resolution council street cameras that should have picked up the vehicles route but again, this information is yet to be shared by West Yorkshire Police.

Bradford’s Gurdwara leaders and sangat members will be meeting with officials from the Police this afternoon to ascertain what the police have being doing and what progress they may have made up to now.

The Bradford community is being asked to contact 07845868666 if they have any further information on the matter, or contact PC Mercer at West Yorkshire Police dialling 101 and quoting the case reference 13160350824.

Change.org petition has been launched to highlight the community’s disappointment at the lack of engagement by the police.


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  1. Is there a gate at the top of the stairs of that Gurdwara.. It makes sense that a hire van would be used to move stuff doesnt it really. It is at very least inconsiderate, to drop off any item.. at a time late in the day, out of normal office hours. Main thing would be to request as mandatory, everyone with a saroop in the locality register it on a main well kept register. Then be contacted to be given knowledge as to correct protocols etc to be adopted in any given circumstance.

  2. the cctv from the gudwara is poor in this day an age its a joke the biggest joke is bradford council whos cctv didnt pick up the van.
    any sikh in bradford with cctv experiance get down to the temple and sort it out

  3. The person coming out of car, possibly a female seems to be holding something while entering the Gurdwara Sahib and when she went back in car was empty handed.
    Look at the video again, carefully.

  4. How come there is no footage of inside the Gurudware sahib. So we all can see more closely to see the scum bags who ever done the beadbi of Gurumaharaaj. Must be Cameras inside the hall or Sachkhand Sahib.

  5. Why cannot the enterprise cars uk be questioned to find out what vehicles their hired at the time of the incident. cannot be too difficult to trace who they were…..

    • that van could of been hired from any where in the country
      that does not mean the van was hired that day is could of been hired amonth ago 2weeks ago a 1 week ago with no number plate your in shit street


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