Pro-Freedom Orgs To Observe August 15 As Black Day

London protest oct 15AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Addressing a press conference at Amritsar on August 8, the President of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), S. Simranjit Singh Mann, appealed to the Punjab masses to observe August 15 (Indian Independence Day) as Black Day.

S. Simranjit Singh Mann said that the Sikhs were being treated as slaves within the Indian sub-continent. He also appealed to the government employees to observe August 15 as Black Day by wearing black shoes, black turbans and with black handkerchiefs. He said that the masses of Punjab should manifest the black color by every possible way.

Strongly condemning the ongoing atrocities on the Kashmir masses, S. Simranjit Singh Mann said that the Indian government was performing genocide of the Kashmiri people by committing inhuman torture.

Similarly, the Dal Khalsa also announced to organize a demonstration at Ludhiana to mark India’s 70th independence anniversary.  In an email correspondence shared with Sikh24, Kanwarpal Singh (Dal Khalsa spokesperson) said that the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and several other prominent Sikh organizations would participate in the protest.

Asserting that there was no reason for Sikhs to celebrate August 15, the organization gave the call to employees, school managements and students for boycotting the state sponsored programmes to celebrate the Independence day.

Dal Khalsa president Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema said by observing August 15 as black day, the aim was to keep the desire for freedom alive.

In a significant development, Dal Khalsa appealed to Hindu brethren of Punjab to ‘bridge the divide’ and join hands with Sikhs not only to safeguard the interests and resources of the state but also to achieve Punjab’s Sovereignty in the same manner as Sikhs helped Hindus in their fight for the independence of India from British colonial rule. 

Flanked by ex-president Harcharnjit Singh Dhami and spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh, Advocate Cheema denounced the Indian state for not acknowledging the Sikh right to self determination in accordance with international treaties and covenants that all democratic Nations are expected to adhere to and oblige.

Referring to atrocities heaped on Dalits in Gujarat and elsewhere, they expressed their pain and concern over the maltreatment and high-handedness meted out to Dalits by Hindutva forces supported by state establishment.  Dal Khalsa pledged sustained Sikh support for Kashmiri people in their struggle for right to self determination in line with deepening partnership between the two pro-struggling ethnic minorities.

It is notable that the petition initiated by Sikhs for Justice to the US White House also crossed over 100,000 signatures.  The petition asks the White House to address the right of Sikhs to self-determination in Punjab.   In the petition, the US based Sikh advocacy group has appealed to President Barrack Obama to honour the right of Sikhs for self-determination.  

The petition states, “1947 did not bring independence for Sikhs in India where followers of Sikhism, the world’s 5th largest religion are labeled as Hindus; Sikh Golden Temple was destroyed by Indian Army; Sikhs were subjected to genocide in Nov 84 and thousands were extra-judicially killed by security forces for demanding right to self determination.”


  1. Imperialistic: Please read about different Empires Roma,British American etc

    Religious Extremists: — We have been victims of 3 genocides due to it.

    Casteist: As a Indian origin people we will always have it with us

    Racist : Read the Arayans of Germany or Africans in USA.

    That is the reality not with standing your opinion.

    • I think you should spend your time reading about Totalitarianism and Fascism as both are intrinsic part of the Hinduvta philosophy you subscribe to. The Sikh religion is an ‘Indian origin’ religious faith and doctrine which both rejects and forbids casteism – Guru Nanak deliberately rejected taking the Brahmanical thread when he was a boy and Guru Gobind SIngh Ji created the Khalsa to remove the surnames indicating caste and replaced them with uniform Singh and Kaur. The fact that you have so many so called Sikhs like the Badals still using their slave mindset surnames only illustrates that the Brahmanical stranglehold is still tight about the Sikh’s neck (and indeed tightens when other apostate beliefs are drip fed into Sikhi such as your Ramayana belief). As for Aryans – you have to understand that this racist Nazi belief was rejected by the world way back in the Nuremburg trials. All human beings are descended form the same lineage of hominids which came out of Africa tens of thousands of years ago so no one is superior even though you wish the Dalit to think otherwise. It is not my opinion but scientific and historical fact – stop reading wikipedia for research.

  2. The world is like this only
    .I think human Societies are hard wired to have few characteristics such as being

    1) Nationalist or Patriotic
    2) Religious extremist
    3) Imperialistic
    4) Casteist
    5 ) Racial

    • Again totally wrong but the kind of thinking that allows casteism to be acceptable in your mindset. Human beings are not hard wired in any social respect – those are entirely learned behaviours and indeed can also be unlearned as we saw with the Hitler Youth generation after the defeat of Nazi Germany who were able to understand that they had been brainwashed and recoiled at the horror of their indoctrination. You seriously need to understand that all human beings are made by the one same Waheguru and have the exact same constitution, rights and responsibilities instead of peddling this fascist rubbish that human beings are naturally inclined to be evil and so by extension can’t really be blamed or held accountable when they rape and murder others.

  3. The Empire (ruling power)has existed since time immemorial and RSS soch always remain with the ruling power, it may be the mugals or british before 1947 and with congress after 1947 and now with BJP. They could never stand before the ruling party, they have no sacrifice before and after 1947 for the country. They killed their own bapu Gandhi after 1947. India never got freedom, there was just transfer of power from mugals, to british and then to the well wishers of british. The people who sacrificed every thing for freedom, they could never enjoy freedom, they are still fighting for freedom. Now after 70 years people could understand that are slaves. These people are driving India backwards, they worship animals and kill & torture humans.

  4. The Empire has existed since time immemorial.
    We need to acknowledge it and learn to live with its.
    Don’t be an “EXTREMIST” of

    1) Religion
    2) Race
    3) Caste
    4) Nation
    5) Language

    Learn to peacefully co exist with diverse people around you in this world.

    • I have asked many times before to please present the EVIDENCE for this phantasmagorical all seeing, all knowing, all powerful, secret, invisible EMPIRE (operating like SPECTRE in the James Bond films) but you have singularly failed on every occasion to provide such evidence. Your belief in conspiracy theories allows you to deny culpability and responsibility for injustice perpetrated against the Sikhs who even if you hate their religion are still entitled to be treated fairly as your fellow Indian citizens. The only religious extremists India has to worry about are the Hinduvta mafia and its various terrorising militia like the RSS who are prepared to beat Dalits and Muslims for eating beef (as is their democratic right) as well as creating laws that mean a Dalit cannot convert to another religion like Christianity without getting legal permission from his local Hindu panchayat who will deny him permission and actually re-indoctrinate him to stay in his lowly caste position in society. The Sikh religion is totally progressive and has proven both doctrinally and historically (the self sacrifice of Guru Tegh Bahadur for the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits, the egalitarian Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit Singh wherein both Muslims and Hindus enjoyed supreme patronage and power in his administration as well as endowments to mosques and Hindu temples). Sikhi is the very epitome of learning to live with diverse people and being welcoming to all – go to the langar in any Gurdwara any day and you will this non discrimination principle in action. I think you wish to tarnish Sikhs as being extremist if they dare to be baptised in their faith. We are obliged by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to become Singhs and Kaurs (Sant Sipahi) and you are the ones showing religious intolerance and discrimination against us when you deny us entry to examination halls unless we remove our kirpans (religiously mandated by the 10th Guru for us to wear as his Sikhs). You should be proud of that Sikh wearing his dastaar because he is openly challenging anyone with evil intentions such as bigotry and criminality. You should take this message of learning to live peacefully with those around you (which the Sikhs have practised since Guru Nanak insisted there was no difference between one human being and another) to your RSS and Hinduvta brethren who are intent upon dominating their fellow Indian citizens who do not subscribe to their insistence on maintaining caste, racial and religious discrimination.

  5. The world is run by the Empire.
    If people in Punjab are not going to act wisely .
    Punjab could turn into Iraq or Syria.
    Where civil war’s will take place like that of Shias and Sunnis .

    • There is no such thing as EMPIRE except in your paranoid delusional flat earth society world view. Only Waheguru is omnipotent and almighty and you would know that if you were a Sikh and live without fear of the intimidation you peddle to deny your fellow Indian citizens their civil liberties and human rights .

  6. Please stop repeating ‘Empires’ Unlike the Hinduvata Sikhs are asking for freedom human rights for all regardless of their faith or cast – if you call this bringing back to the violent era….. which planet are you on…..

  7. Please stop repeating ‘Empires’ Unlike the Hinduvata Sikhs are asking for freedom human rights for all regardless of their faith or cast – if you call this bringing back to the violent era….. which planet are you on…..

  8. The Empire had captured the Sikh kingdom in Anglo Sikh war.and made India out of it in 1947.
    They now want anarchy and chaos in Punjab by getting it into conflict with Indian state.
    Let us learn from USA and EU to live in peace and harmony with our neighbours .
    They want to take Punjab back to 1980 1990 violent era.

    • I have already explained this to you many times before but you insist upon resolutely ignoring FACTS because they are inconvenient and indeed contrary to your flat earth world view. There were TWO Anglo Sikh wars formented by the East india Company and the annexation of the sovereign Sikh state would not have been possible without the high treason of four men – the Hindu Dogra brothers Dhian and Gulab and their treacherous Generals Tej and Lal SIngh who collaborated fully with the Britishers denying support to the Sikhs in battle as well as actually giving battle plans to the enemy. In regards to the Khalsa Raj of Ranjit SIngh – the most prosperous and egalitarian period of governance in Punjab’s history (Hindu Dogras in post as Prime Minister and Muslims as chancellor of the exchequer) – which you are so eager for Sikhs to forget I would merely remind readers of Dalhousie’s despatch to the Secret Committee of the East India Company on 7 April, 1849 where he wrote “We must resolve on the entire subjection of the Sikh people and on its extinction as an independent nation.” You are of like mind precisely because Sikhi insists on fair and equal treatment to all people whether they are Sikh or not – go to your Gurdwara and see every human no matter their supposed caste sitting together with no favoured chair or position on the floor eating together, yes even including my brother Dalit. If India was truly a secular nation then how do you explain that since its formation it has been riven with communal riots and genocides. The constitution of the country is supposed to respect and protects the rights of its peoples to practise whatever religion they want without fear or favour. You make a mockery of the sacrifices true Indian patriots made for the creation of my country. The only EMPIRE which is inimicable to India is the Hinduvta mindset which seeks dominance over others. And I really don’t think your RSS paymasters want you using the old ‘look at how the EU lives in harmony with its neighbours’ considering that one of the big three nations Britain has only recently turned its back in a referendum on Europe because a majority of its people felt they had lost too much of their sovereignty and identity to a centralised bureaucracy in Brussels. There is only one way and that is to be both just and fair to the Sikh kaum recognising the central role it is has played in the formation of India and acknowledging abuses and atrocities have been systematically carried out against the Sikhs over a 30 year period and actually atone for those sins.


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