Sikhs to Hold Protest on July 22 in Jalandhar to Express Solidarity with Kashmirs

JALANDHAR, Punjab—Perturbed over the killings of 45 unarmed protesters and other atrocities against Kashmiris, the Dal Khalsa will hold demonstration on July 22 to raise its voice against onslaughts of security forces in Kashmir.  Along with mass killings of Kashmiris, recently, blinding of scores of youth with pellet guns, dishonouring of women and invoking censorship on media has come to light.

Sikh activists will organize a sit-in at Jalandhar for two hours at Nakodar Chowk and offer prayers at nearby gurdwara to pay homage to those who have fell to the bullets of Indian forces in the last two weeks in the valley.

Dal Khalsa chief Harpal Singh Cheema declared to observe July 22 as Kashmir solidarity day. He said the recent happenings in Kashmir was reminiscent of what happened in Punjab in 1984 and afterwards. “The (Indian) state targeted the Punjab and the Sikhs then and now all hell has been let loose on people of Kashmir”, said Cheema.

“We can realize the pain and wounds of Kashmiri people as we had gone through such horrible times. The Punjab is the natural neighbour of Kashmir and we would
stand by our neighbors with firm resolve in their hour of crisis,” said Cheema.

Dal Khalsa leaders praised the manner in which the people of Kashmir have braved all sufferings and hardships, and shown their steadfastness and commitment towards the goal of Azaadi.  They were of the view that state-terrorism can’t kill the genuine aspirations of the people of J&K.

Activist Kanwar Pal Singh stated that the world powers were observing silence. He alleged that their silence has emboldened the New Delhi to carry on with its atrocities and brutalities.  Lending moral support to the demand of Kashmiri people for right to self determination, he said this is an inalienable right of struggling ethnic people and nations including Kashmiris, Sikhs, Nagas and others. 



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