Baba Dhumma’s UK supporters give threat: “More ‘Chabeels’ to come”

    Following the cold blooded murder of Bhai Bhupinder Singh during a pre-planned attack on the renowned Sikh preacher, Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, supporters of Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma made additional threats and sternly warned those who criticise Taksal in any form.

    BIRMINGHAM, UK—On Monday May 30, 2016, a meeting was convened at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick in Birmingham by supporters of Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma.  Baba Dhumma has faced growing criticism as a result of his implication in master-minding the attempted murder of Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and the murder of an innocent Sikh preacher, Bhai Bhupinder Singh. The growing criticism of gangsterism in the garb of Sikhi has led some to question on social media the credentials of Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma.

    Some of the pictures and posts being posted and shared on social media are the following:


    In the meeting held in Smethwick, Baba Dhumma’s supporters gave the following strong messages:

    • We condemn and will not tolerate Bhai Bhupinder Singh being declared a Shaheed (martyr) as he was killed in a personal feud between two parties
    • We don’t condemn the innocent murder of Bhai Bhupinder Singh as being anti-Sikh and it was something that should have been expected
    • We hold just as much sympathy with the murderers of Bhai Bhupinder Singh and their families, as we have for the young two children left fatherless by the murder
    • We hold Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale responsible for his companion being murdered by Taksal supporters as he challenged the Taksal of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
    • Dhadrianwale is encouraging anti-Dasam Bani and anti-Rehat Maryada Missionary groups by allowing them to sit on the stage and speak at the funeral of Bhai Bhupinder Singh. All Missionaries and Nindaks will be silenced even if it requires the Sword, as Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji gave us the principle of Miri-Piri.
    • We are concerned at how Baba Dhadrianwale has stopped promoting Pooranmashee (full moon night), Massia (moonless night), and holding his regular Divan on Sangrand.  He also changed dastaar style and dropped the title of “Sant Baba”‘ to become “Bhai”
    • No one has right to question the legitimacy, authority and history of Damdami Taksal or its current leaders otherwise they will be challenged and opposed wherever they go in the world
    • Harnam Singh Dhumma has contributed lots to the Panth which the Sangat should be thankful for, e.g. building the 1984 memorial using his influence with the Badal family, preserving Taksal’s Maryada, promoting Sangrand and Bikrami calendar in villages in Punjab, and stopping anti-Dasam Bani preachers speaking at Delhi Gurdwaras
    • Harnam Singh Dhumma is the preserver of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s original Maryada, and is justified in criticising Baba Dhadrianwale
    • Any preacher who criticises Taksal or supports a critic should be prepared for more Chhabeels to come, i.e. cold blooded murder in the garb of Sikhi
    • Meeting organizers claimed to present unified voice of all Damdami Taksal institutions and organizations in the UK

    Speaking at the meeting, Bhai Satvinder Singh (Jagowale) said that the concept of ‘Chabeel’ has not been damaged by the act. He compared the act by Baba Dhumma’s students to the punishment given to masands by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. “Guru Gobind Singh Ji invited the masands by stating they would be given sirope (robe of honour), however, Guru Sahib punished them instead of honouring them. Similarly, just like the concept of sirope was not altered, there will be no damage to the the concept of chabeels,” Bhai Satvinder Singh said while warning Bhai Dhadrianwale of further consequences as he wrongfully compared killing of masands to Bhai Bhupinder Singh’s murder.  Bhai Satvinder Singh’s statement comparing masands to Bhai Dhadrianwale has been condemned on his own Facebook fan page where people have questioned the reliability of the claim that Guru Gobind Singh Ji used deception in punishing the masands.  Several comments condemn the parallel  drawn of the masands being punished with death to justify killing of an innocent devout Sikh who was dedicated to promoting Gurmat in villages by students of Baba Dhumma led Taksal.

    “We agree that such incidents [of violence] should not take place, however it is evident from Sikh history that Guru Sahib punished the wrong-doers,” he added. He also called upon Dhadrianwale to break all ties with the Missionaries.

    Bhai Kuldeep Singh Chaheru condemned statements by Bhai Dhadrianwale on the Damdami Taksal. He said that Bhai Dhadrianwale’s statements have maligned the image of Damdami Taksal. “Whoever punishes people who make derogatory remarks will be honoured and we will also adopt similar measures if needed. Whoever goes against the teachings of Guru Sahib will be boycotted,” he said.

    The meeting was attended by supporters, associates and members of Damdami Taksal from the Midlands and London, including Jagowala jatha, Dharam Yudh Morcha Jatha, Sikh Youth Birmingham, Akaal Seva and International Panthik Dal. Bhai Kuldeep Singh Chaheru chaired the meeting that lasted over an hour. Among those, who addressed the meeting were Bhai Charan Singh (Dharam Yudh Morcha Jatha and Tividale Gurdwara), Bhai Gurjinder Singh (Student, Damdami Taksal), Bhai Satvinder Singh (Jagowala Jatha), Bhai Manjit Singh (Khanowal), Bhai Amrik Singh (Student, Damdami Taksal), Bhai Lovshinder Singh Dallewal (United Khalsa Dal), Bhai Harjit Singh Sarpanch (Singh Sabha Gurdwara Southall), Bhai Kaptan Singh (International Panthik Dal and Akaal Channel presenter), Bhai Jaswinder Singh (Guru Nanak Gurdwara Willenhall), Bhai Paramjit Singh ‘Dhadi’ (International Panthik Dal and Guru Nanak Gurdwara Wednesfield), Bhai Sohan Singh (Head Granthi Baba Sangh Gurdwara and Damdami Taksal student) and Bhai Jaswinder Singh (Guru Nanak Prakash Gurdwara Coventry).

    The meeting was filmed by Akaal Channel but is yet to be aired on its channel. The footage of the meeting was uploaded on Jagowala Jatha’s YouTube channel which had reached over 30,000 views, up until today when it was taken off YouTube and made a private video for unknown reasons.

    While several UK Sikh leaders have condemned Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale while siding with Baba Dhumma, in Punjab, he has continued to receive support of major Taksal insitutitions, including Damdami Taksal (Sangrawa) and members of Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee.  Notably, Giani Raam Singh (Sangrawa) and Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khose (Satkar Committee) were both present at Bhai Bhupinder Singh’s bhog.  They have both condemned the murderous act and have called for Baba Dhumma to step down as the Jathedar of Damdami Taksal (Mehta based faction).

    Playlist: May 30 Smethwick Meeting by Jagowale and other groups
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    1. Every sikh should know the real enemy of sikhs is RSS and that soch which is trying to take away sikhs from sikh principals and Guru. Fight with those forces not sikh brothers.

    2. These people are mostly small minded thugs and fraudsters who have little understanding of gurbani. Others are simply sheep who should know better. Their thoughts, behaviour and language are totally in contradiction of gurmat and they are unthinkingly serving the interests of those who would like to destroy Sikhi.

    3. Every sikh respects the principals of damdami taksal and akali dal, may Vaheguru and members find the leaders with principals

    4. One minute these so called khalistani leaders give harsh speeches against india and next minute they themselves jet off to India, hypocrites.
      These people are not fighting for khalsa raj all they want is everyone to follow their maryada

      Bhai amrik singh ajnala is respected who doesn’t bow down to badal and Co like dhumma sarkari sant

    5. With all other mistakes to use the word shabeel to kill somebody is worse, the supporters should rethink.

    6. How can Dhumma claim to be a Sikh? Saw his speech on tv…here is someone who is filled with Ego & hatred and he sits at the head of a Taksal started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji! He was spewing nothing but hatred, whereas Dhadrianwala was calling for calmness.

      Badal’s done a brilliant job of getting his own chumche in order, with Dhumma & all who follow Badal being gaddars…the biggest sellouts & hypocrites there is. Most of the people present in the vids perpetuate to being pro-khalistani & pro-Sikh, viewing anyone who doesn’t agree with their viewpoint as non-Sikhs.

      How can any Sikh side with Badal after he has systematically destroyed Sikhi in Punjab? Complicit in countless anti-Sikh activities how can anyone of those people not have any sense that, by supporting Dhumma they support Badal?

      Erecting a small building (the ’84 monument) means nothing if the perpetrators of the atrocities are not bought to justice. Do these people really think a building a something to celebrate in comparison?

      These people should realize that the Taksal is NOT one person alone. There is nothing wrong with supporting what the Taksal is meant to be, what it has done in the past & that to preserve that rich history not to support someone who’s sold out.

    7. these guys stay silent bapu surat singh sangarsh
      guru granth sahib beadbi
      sarbatt khalsa
      but they still think dhummas are great guy

    8. The killing of Bhai Bhupinder Singh cannot be justified and there is no comparing the actions of the masands with Bhai Bhupinder Singh. Where does Sikhi teach you to kill someone if someone is anti Dasam or ridicule you. True Brahmgianis stay calm even if the world slanders them.

      IMHO The sangat should not get involved with either individual as its politically created to divide sikhs.

    9. If the above news article is correct, it further demonstrates the rogue mentality that lurks within our ranks, posing as a ‘defenders of sikhi’, ‘khalistanis’, ‘pro-bhindranwale’, etcetera. These individuals have failed to justify how their hero Dhumma has joined fully with the murderous and tyrannical misruler Badal? Siding with Badal is directly siding with anti-Panjaab, anti-Sikh forces. How do pro-Dhumma forces justify or explain this simple point. The Dam Dami Taksaal, a great reverred institution, has, like many other staunch Panthic institutions – Akaal Takht, SGPC, Akaali Dal, been hijacked and sabotaged by the mix of anti-Panth, anti-Panjaab, anti-Sikh Indian government forces. This is demonstrably evident. Incidents like the attack on Dadrianwale (who by the way, in my opinion is no great figure) have openely exposed the thuggish, violent, murderous mentality of these rogue elements, who seek to pose as the guardians of Panjaab, Sikhi and Panth. They are the exact equalivant of the ISIS and Taliban, who routinely condemn, kills, crush and intimidate any diverse or differing voices. These rogue elements are not representative of authentic Sikhi. They are a blockage within our community, nation and cause, and we all need to wake up, organise, unite and engage from a democratic grassroot level against them! Raaj karega Khaalsa! Degh o Tegh o Fateh!!!!

    10. Where were these people when SIRSA saad did beadbi?
      where were these people when SGPC announced “maafi” to SIRSA SAD ?
      Where were these people when AVTAR Makkar said 5 Piyaras ARE FIRED ?

      Je Sikh Sikh nu na maare ..Ta kaum kade na haare..par saadi kaum ehe je loka kar ke hi piche ja rhi hai

    11. Had guru gobind singh announced death penality to any masand????….

      WHO is dhumma and his followers owing their own path to murder parcharaks??

      They never tried murder of “TYTLER”, “SAJJAN SINGH”, “BABA RAM RAHIM”…… where were these boasting people when ram rahim was pardoned… All of you are on wrong path as per GURMAT… you all are MANMAT people or BEMUKH….

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