BREAKING: Assassination Attempt on Bhai Dhadrianwale; One Singh in Critical Condition


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LAST UPDATE – 10:45 AM IST—Sikh24 has confirmed that Baba Bhupinder Singh has succumbed to his injuries.

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Sikh24 has been notified by sevadars that Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale has just survived an assassination attempt.  The attack took place around 6:30 PM earlier today, May 17.  

Bhai Dhadrianwale was on his way to a diwan at village Isewal (Mullanpur Dakha) in Ludhiana when a gang of 40 people fired gunshots at the jatha.  Baba Bhupinder Singh, another Singh who dresses just like Bhai Dhadrianwale was shot and is in critical condition.

Bhai Dhadrianwale was scheduled to attend diwans at Isewal for two days, May 17 and 18.

Gurvinder Singh, a sevadar who provided information to Sikh24 said, “Baba Ji’s jatha was stopped on the way to Mullanpur Dakha by a gang of people, numbering about 40.  They asked the convey to stop and drink chabeel (sweet milk drink) but as the Jatha stopped, the gang launched the attack, however, Baba Ji survived.”

Bhai Dhadrianwale’s car after the attack

S. Bagicha Singh, a Sikh activist condemned the attack.  “The firing was really intense and several vehicles were also attacked,” he said.

Assassins fired at least 15 shots at the convey, however Baba Ranjit Singh ji survived the attack.

A post by Parmeshar Dwar Trust on Facebook states: “This is believed to have been an assassination attempt. There are reports of injuries in the Jatha and another Singh looking like Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa was targeted specifically.”

“There is unconfirmed information that person may have been killed. The Jatha vehicles, which were near Ludhiana, were pursued by a number of cars for approximately 4 kilometres in a chase and the whereabouts of Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa are now unknown.”



  1. Punjab Police needs to deal firmly with all those who area trying to make Punjab into a Lawless and chaotic state.

    The Law of Land made by Law makers should reign


    • You are a fascist (as your constant unerring support for the terrorist militia of the RSS constantly reminds us) and you hide behind the pretence of (goonda) law to try and justify brutal oppression and repression of Sikhs as all fascists have done. It is wrong to give blind obedience to the law when it is plainly unjust and those that are supposedly upholding it are abusing their position of power. Those are the words of Bhagat Singh. But then again you and your RSS friends at Delhi University teach the students there now he too being a Sikh was just a terrorist in opposing the legitimate lawful internationally recognised regime of the British and their jurisprudence and law enforcers.

      • I support Law of the Land and not any group least of all Religious ones.
        Lawless societies are not possible to live in .
        Go trying living in Syria or Iraq and then you will thank your stars that you live in Law abiding societies.

      • You support law of the land which is law of the jungle in Punjab or have you forgotten Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act (TADA)? Under TADA the number of Sikhs arrested exceeded 76,000 by 30 June 1994. Twenty-five percent of these cases were dropped by the police without any charges being framed. Only 35 percent of the cases were brought to trial, of which 95 percent resulted in acquittals. Less than 2 percent of those arrested were convicted. The TADA act – a law of the land that you would support simply because it is the law of the land – was condemned by human rights organisations and ultimately repealed and succeeded by the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (2002-2004) and this POTA act too was subsequently discredited and repealed after much controversy as well. And why you keep telling me to go and live in Syria and Iraq? I am not a Muslim, I am a Sikh (so no thanking my lucky stars as I believe in Waheguru not astrology) and I live in my religion’s heartland and homeland where I want to live free and practise my religion without any repression from those who want to enslave me and deny me my human rights. But it is good you admit you do not support Sikh religion’s Gurmat as a guide to righteous living exposing your charade at posing as a Sikh once more. Perhaps you should go and live in China or North Korea – no religion there and lots of peace with ‘laws of the land’ firmly enforced by the State just the way you like it. I want to live in a law abiding society where the laws are just and do not allow police to murder with impugnity and grubby politicians to loot the people (both are supposed to be serving) with impugnity. Tell me if you believe in the law of the land why NO police officers who murdered two Sikhs in broad daylight on the streets of Punjab have still not been charged for their murder after SEVEN MONTHS? Why beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib is still happening in Punjab a YEAR on? Why Sikhs in Haryana (not Tamil Nadu hundreds of miles away in the deep south of the country) cannot even sit an examination to become a Patwari without the examiner demanding they remove their kirpans and kara which are mandated articles of Sikh faith? Why BJP are getting RSS terror suspects released without charge? The CBI was supposed to arrest RSS leader Indresh Kumar but the case was transferred to the NIA who gave clean chit to the accused Sadhvi and five other RSS members accused in the Malegaon blast case and at the same time on their website claimed that two accused of absconding in the case Ramchandra Kalsangre and Sandeep Dange were members of Babbar Khalsa International when they are not even Sikhs! When this was pointed out to NIA they hastily removed the post on their website and said it was just a mistake. Why all this discrimination and persecution of Sikhs? Because the law of the land here says ‘Sikh brains splatter’ instead of ‘Sikh lives matter’.

  2. Punjab should be ruled by Law makers and not Gun wielders .
    At no cost no one should Police allow Punjab to slip into anarchy and Chaos.
    Punjab Police need to stay miles ahead of Anarchist and law breakers.

    • Punjab should be ruled by its majority population – the Sikhs. Isn’t that democracy? As for gun wielders, you are aware Punjab Police shot dead two Sikhs in October and have not even been suspended let alone arraigned for their crime SEVEN MONTHS on?!

      • So does your grammatical etiquette and lack of imagination in adopting a non de plume you RSS Troll. You should use capital letters in postings to emphasize your words (it’s akin to shouting so should be used selectively) and the end of your sentence should be an exclamation mark rather than ellipsis (three dots to the likes of simpletons) which is only used for succinctness when the writer omits part of a quotation. Oh, wait a second you’re not interested in knowledge – wisdom stinks – so I’m just wasting my time in trying to educate you. Sorry if I’m being patronising to you. THIS MEANS I AM TALKING DOWN TO YOU!

  3. This has shocked us all! They tried killing us in 1984, drugs and alochol to kill the younger generation survived through that period, than attacked our Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Drawing water from Punjab, now lets attack the Sikh Preacher! They are determined to finish the Sikhs in Punjab = yes lets kills the preachers first so Sikhi will die down anyway! Sikhs will never die = look at the history when Mughuls thought the same …… Raaj Karega Khalsa. As for Naamdhari’s they are the cause of all this and now all controlled by RSS.

  4. Police should get into the depth of this attack,Namdhari leader attack and Shiv sanik attack .
    Punjab should not be allowed to slip into anarchy and chaos.
    Law should be maintained at all cost.

    • The heretic Namdari leader died in a car accident in Canada. What’s that got to do with India and wasting police resources particularly when Canada can apologise for the Komagatu Maru incident against Sikhs and India still can’t bring itself to say mea culpa for its human rights abuses against Sikhs. As for Shiv Sena – yes absolutely the police must arrest Vani Gupta and his Shiv Sena miscreants who attacked a Sikh youth Harvinder Singh in Jammu and beat him in broad daylight.

    • When ‘Law should be maintained at all cost’ in Punjab that usually means an euphemism for Sikhs to be arbitralily arrested, harassed, tortured and killed for a nebulous ‘greater good’. Violence from the police to intimidate and oppress is not the answer but rather proper civil detection methods including the public investigation of the usually untouchable political parties in Punjab. Badal has much to gain by creating a state of fear in Punjab in order to divert attention and public scrutiny from his policies and alliances with Hinduvta parties who will equally relish an opportunity to undermine Sikhs in their own heartland. We would be better off outsourcing and asking foreign police forces to investigate on our behalf much as what happened in Northern Ireland when the Ulster Police and Politicians there were colluding with paramilitaries to create a violent status quo.

  5. Je Sikh ..Sikh nu na maare..Ta Kaum kade na haare…
    Where were these shooters .. Jado Guru Sahib di beadbi karan wale fade gae se
    odo kithe si ..Jado Jathedara ne Sirse wale nu maafi diti si
    odo kithe si…Jado Sirse wale ne Guru sahab da saroop dhar ke beadbi kiti si..hun Group aa gae..

    • The problem with this is the Punjab Police have as much integrity as a chocolate teapot. They have themselves murdered two Sikhs on the street in Kotkapura only seven months ago and have not even brought their own guilty officers to book.


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