SGPC Boosts Efforts to Control Untoward Incident on June 6

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Addressing a press conference on May 5, SGPC President Avtar Singh Makkar stated that the SGPC was fully prepared to tackle any untoward incident on June 6.   Makkar was addressing the press conference after inauguration of special facilities at the Guru Arjan Dev Rest House of the Golden Temple Complex.

On June 6th of each year, on the anniversary of the Darbar Sahib invasion by Indian army, SGPC performs Ardas at Akal Takht Sahib. Families of the martyrs are also honored on this occasion by the SGPC.  Two years ago on June 4, 2014, a clash took place at the Akal Takht Sahib complex, between the Sikh Sangat and the SGPC task force.  The incident has led SGPC to provide elaborate security measures every year for June 6 gathering.

This year, SGPC is trying to avoid any possibility of clash as Giani Gurbachan Singh will be delivering a speech.  Last year, during Bandi Chor Diwali celebrations, Sikh youth raised slogans and did not allow Giani Gurbachan Singh to speak.  Instead, Sarbat Khalsa 2015 appointed interim Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib, Dhian Singh Mand addressed the sangat.  Giani Gurbachan Singh was removed from the post of Akal Takht Sahib by Sarbat Khalsa 2015, however, he has continued to act as customary Jathedar appointed by the SGPC, which has altogether denounced Sarbat Khalsa 2015 gathering.

Image by Dalip Singh
Image by Dalip Singh

Speaking at conference, Makkar said that the SGPC officials have initiated efforts to make secure arrangements to control any untoward incident. He added that no room will be left for miscreants this year to create disturbance.  “We appeal all the Sikh masses to respectfully pay homage to the martyrs on June 6 instead of creating any disturbances,” he added.

SGPC has ordered its Task Force to remain present throughout the day.  It has also refused vacation to any SGPC Task Force members for June 6 gathering.

It is pertinent to note here that the announcement of erecting parallel Akal Takht Secretariat by Jathedar Dhian Singh Mand has put the SGPC into worry.

Additional Head Granthi Giani Jagtar Singh, Giani Ravel Singh, Baba Sukhwinder Singh, Bhai Rajinder Singh Mehta, S. Surjit Singh, S. Gurinderpal Singh Gora, S. Bawa Singh Gumanpura, S. Diljeet Singh Bedi, S. Satinder Singh, S. Skattar Singh, Manager Sulakhan Singh etc. were also present on this occasion.


  1. Yes – SGPC should be worried – sikhs will rise again and again against this butchery going on in India. As for your Harinder or whatever you call yourself Punjab will remain and Sikhs will rule again – That is exactly what India wants all sikhs to leave punjab does not matter whether they kill them physically, take our waters or drugs and alcohol , India does not want the sikhs in punjab or anywhere in India. You would love the Sikhs to set out punjab elsewhere … Let me tell you time is going to come when the sikhs outside Punjab will ensure that we take Punjab back and Sikhs will rule! You can carry on making your own schemes as you like! you know the history and you know what your future is …..

  2. We can all live in harmony together in India.
    The present Punjab is a shadow of its original self with the main problem of its water containing Uranium and heavy metals causing cancer.
    Until and unless we set up multiple Punjab’s in different part of planet earth we will be living in a decaying Punjab.

    • The main problem of Punjab is not problem of its water being siphoned off and polluted by others (which of course is happening) but problem of its Sikhs being persecuted and killed and still being persecuted and killed just for being Sikhs. Solve that problem first. A drunkard can only deal with his alcoholism by first admitting to himself as well as others that he has a drink problem: India must stop living in denial of the human rights abuses it has has committed and still condones against its religious minorities all in the name of nationalism. Those who have committed crimes on behalf of the State must be punished whilst they are (and more importantly whilst their poor victims are) still alive – it is now nearly forty years since Sikhs were brutally and premediatedly murdered in Amritsar in 1978 with all the thousands of Sikh lives lost since then in kidnappings, torture, fake encounters, disappaerances, extra judicial killings and rape. Stop acting as an apologist and start demanding justice is done to the Sikhs for the atrocities committed against them for they are the backbone of what India stood for and created her in the first place with their blood sacrifices and oinstead now have even martyrs like Bhagat Singh denounced by Delhi University as simply being a terrorist just because he was a Sikh.

    • Punjab Police should concern themselves with trying to find out why so many Punjabis are committing suicide and also on arresting police officers involved in murder of Sikhs.

      • Punjabi’s Suicides is a concern to all of us and I don’t think you can attribute suicides to Punjab Police

      • I should not attribute suicides to Punjab Police? Tell that to Inderpal SIngh Ahuja who before committing suicide in Ludhiana a week ago posted on his facebook page that he was doing so because Punjab police officers SHO Devinder Chaudary and Constables Swaran SIngh and Boota Singh had demanded bribes otherwise they would falsely implicate him on trumped up drug charges. He wrote in his facebook posts ‘mere sb kamai kha gye sale..mjhe insaf jrur dilana’ then ‘dugri thana swarn singh,buta singh,s.h.o dvindr choudhry jo goru bcha ke case par kam kr rhe the un sbne mjhe aj bht draya dhmkaya or mjhse 1,25000 Rupye thage.or 1,25000 ki dimand or ki or agr me na dia to kal mjh par case dal dete chitta smugling ka jis ke chalte me aj marne ja rha hu mere pas koi sboot to nhi par mera ye status mjhe insaf dilayega..alvida sbko’ and finally ‘me aj in sbse dukhi hokr apni jan de rha hu..’ But you are right Punjab Police are much more likely to be responsible for outright manslaughter and murder than just driving Sikhs to suicide. That latter job is down to politicians who make living conditions in Punjab so intolerable.

      • So the answer is not to commit Suicide.
        It is better to migrate out of this decaying Indian Punjab .
        Set up new Punjab’s in different parts of Earth which is devoid of all evil so that we can have a


      • I posted the awful story of Inderpal Singh Ahuja commiting suicide because of threats of false imprisonment form Punjab police if he did not pay bribes to them and your conclusion form that is not to commit suicide. The correct conclusion is to arrest those police officers who think it is natural to supplement their job for life government pay and pension with extorting money from the very citizens they are supposed to be protecting and serving! This is a cultural problem with the Punjab Police who have become used to to abusing their positions of authority to the point where they can make life and death decisions at whim knowing their there is no punishment form the state but rather tacit if not explicit support going all the way up the food chain where corruption is rampant and accepted as part of life here in Punjab. IN civilised countries there is an independent department to oversee Police behaviour (Internal Affairs) – the UK has a Police Complaints Commission which even has concerned citizens on its board reviewing potential police abuse cases. Why not in Punjab? Because such a thing would upset institutionalised corruption which affects not just the police but their political paymasters who both contribute to the polluted air of depression and hopelessness that forces the ordinary man to such desperate measures as suicide.

    • Also what do you mean now ‘gang violence’? All the gunda are in Punjab Police and dacoits are in Government and SGPC. As for ‘curbed’ by Punjab Police as in 1980 1990 you are disgracefully using a Himmler-esque euphemism to excuse extra judicial mass murder of Sikhs by fake encounters, kidnappings, torture, mass cremation of bodies. Those things are less likely to brushed under the carpet now because of smart phones, internet and the influence of NRI Sikhs who can demand of Governments like the UK, US, Canada and Australia not to look the other way when it comes to human rights abuses in Punjab as they did in the past. I do not want to live in a supposedly democratic state where the police can murder with impugnity at the whim of politicians and if you had any true national pride you would not want such a dirty state of affairs either. Sikh lives matter too.

      • You are right
        We must be law abiding from both sides
        We as Sikhs and on other side the States,Nations and empires.

      • Sikhs don’t need to be told or reminded or threatened to be law abiding as they are by nature and religious dogma a peaceful, tolerant and reasonable nation of people. But equally that means we will not meekly accept unjust laws or discrimination or repression to obey such statutes which fail to deliver social justice but are obliged to oppose such evils which are a cancer to human dignity.

    • Anything can happen when a people’s basic human rights are taken away, violated, or they constitutionally weren’t given any.

      “US state department says that Over 41,000 cash bounties were paid to police in Punjab for extrajudicial killings of Sikhs between 1991 and 1993 alone and India has not allowed Amnesty International to conduct an independent human-rights investigation in Punjab since 1978.”

      • Totally wrong and ill informed justification of murder by someone who is happy for kidnapping, torture and murder to be carried out in the name of the state. Extra judicial killings are carried out by totalitarian regimes and those who do these atrocities in the name of democracy always have to answer for them – The British had to acknowledge their culpability for Bloody Sunday massacre and extra judicial killings in Northern Ireland and the Afrikannaers in South Africa had to admit their guilt in truth and reconciliation courts. India refuses to admit its guilt and apologists like you continue to peddle lies to justify murder. You Sir are a fascist which would explain your love for the RSS which is itself modelled on the Nazi Party’s SS. What insurgency are you talking about in relation to the Sikhs? I have explained to you in detail the promises made to the Sikh nation before India was created to entice and induce them to throw in their lot with the about to be created India rather than returning to recreate their own separate Sikh sovereign state which pre-exists India. Sikh leaders accepted these promises of autonomy and respect for their distinct identity and these promises were then reneged upon. Hardly surprising when Sikhs learned too late that Nehru was a hypocrite (who committed adultery with another man’s wife) who had a lifelong disdain for men who wore beards (something you and his daughter inherited – see her comments in 1974 to the Indian Hockey Association that there were too many Sikhs in the Indian national team for her liking). Sikh grievances around these broken promises were set down in the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions during the sixties and seventies and roundly rebuffed and rejected and ignored by the Indian Sarkar (they agree to cleave Punjab in two in 1966 purely on communal reasons to create Hindu majority Haryana) who thought that once Sikhs have committed themselves to be part of India there was no need to honour any agreements – much like Himmler who famously stated in relation to international treaties and policy towards the Jews ‘Who compels us to keep the promises we make?’. Indira Gandhi’s antipathy towards Sikhs grew with their defiance to her emergency and she set about with the full consent of Hinduvta parties trying to divide and conquer Sikh polity by the proxy murder of 13 Sikhs in Amritsar in 1978. That all is the historical root cause and until you are your Hinduvta like are prepared to accept that truth you are doing nothing but disservice to justice and the dream of India which you have turned into a living nightmare for Sikhs and indeed Punjabis as a whole considering what Punjab had been reduced to. The right to self determination is not insurgency or rebellion it is a basic human right and I would remind you that was exercised by Punjabi Hindus in 1966 when they ceceded from Punjab themselves without any violence, repression or oppression against them from Sikhs for simply wanting to express, preserve and promote their distinct identity and self interests. One rule for them but another for the Sikhs when both are supposedly ‘equal’ citizens of India? In Ambala in Haryana (formely part of PUnjab) just last week a Sikh trying top present himself for a Patwari examination was told he could only enter the exam hall and sit the exam if he first removed his kara and kirpan by a Government Civil Servant. He as a Sikh naturally refused to dispense with his articles of faith – is he committing insurrection and rebellion against the Indian State RSS Harinder for refusing to accept the Sarkar’s decree?

      • I have reposted the following for your benefit RSS Harinder.
        Two Indian books from two ‘leaders’ of the country – one the Indian President and one a BJP statesmen – concluded despite all the contrary evidence (read the human rights reports, the eyewitness reports, the leaked intelligence cables etc) and devastation wrought that the attack on the Vatican of the Sikhs was justified?! It shocks me to the core that such absurd, prejudiced conclusions can be reached after all this time when the dust has cleared and settled and truth is blindingly obvious as to what Operation Bluestar was really about – teaching the uppity Sikhs a lesson in humility and servility, bringing them to heel to the Governmental Centre in the way a bad master yanks a choke chain about his dog. The Sikh union with the Indian it seems increasingly to me is akin to a marriage souring. The Sikhs are the woman spouse. Yes I know that sounds a little counter intuitive if not demeaning considering the obviously masculine Sikh martial prowess but I think we should reflect that a female is an equal partner and the fact that the Sikhs have effectively been screwed royally if not raped of their dignity and rights from the start of this marriage. The Sikhs were also analogously seduced and cajoled into marriage with all sorts of promises which as soon as the ring was on the finger were dispensed with shortly after. Despite complaining about the breaking of these promises, the Sikhs, like any honourable bride tries to make the best of things because she feels love for her partner who up till that point had a great deal in common with her so could be expected to come back to his senses and honour his role as loving groom so that they might share a blissful marital home together. But this husband becomes regularly drunk (with power and delusions of his own self importance as his vanity and ego are challenged by the bride’s kandan – Sikh valour and sacrifice has freed India so the in-laws if you like to the husband are a constant niggling reminder of his own inadequacies. He decides to exert his authority in this ‘marriage of equals’ (Yes, RSS Harinder, Sikhs do regard a husband and wife has being equals, Guru Nanak taught us this from the very beginning) so begins humiliating his spouse, degrading her, refusing her entreaties to do justice to the point where instead of just trying to reason with him she has to sit down and write him a letter of complaint (the Anandpur Sahib Resolution) so that they might resolve this growing divide between them. He not only ignores the complaint, he ridicules it, asserts himself gloatingly that what can she do if he refuses to accept any of her grievances let alone act to address them? Where can she go? Her home is gone, she is tied with him now and has to accept her lower menial role despite her ancestry and heritage. He strikes her (the murders of Sikhs in 1978) to make his point not to write any more such impertinent demands. She refuses to come to heel and publicly humiliates him (the Sikhs do this to Indira Gandhi being prominent in their refusal to accept her growing despotism when she illegally calls a national emergency in the country in order to avoid going to jail having been found guilty of election fraud by a court in Ahmedabad). He beats her unprovoked and viciously (Operation Bluestar) then starts to do this as a matter of course (Operation Black Thunder and the murderous illegal activities of a police state in Punjab where Sikh youth are kidnapped, tortured and murdered extra judicially simply for wearing their hair uncut). So this bride is being abused and belittled as a matter of course for decades until the husband decides ‘well, you still have an air of the unbowed about you so now that I am satisfied I have physically and emotionally battered you, let’s start tearing you down spiritually as well’ (widespread sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, repudiation of Panj Pyare, Miri Piri) ‘so there is nothing to keep you standing up in my presence’. So he begins to humiliate her now in public as well as behind closed doors – submission to a lecherous stranger at the door like Ram Rahim, the repudiation of Sikh martial history in the republic parades etc. It seems to me a point has to be reached where such a bride has to decide whether she is going to accept being one of those poor abused women who love their husbands so much / are afraid of their husbands so much that they cannot bear to leave them (you know the type, they turn up at a police station with ripped clothes, bloodied lips and black eye who tearfully defend their wife-beating husbands; ‘Oh, he didn’t mean it, he still loves me, deep down he is a good man and will change if I give him one more chance’, Or whether she still retains enough spirit, character and self-worth to be able to stand up for herself and say No More! Enough is enough! Sometimes in these circumstances a marriage / union of two peoples is destined for a separation and even divorce. There are only three options. One, reconciliation where the abusive husband (yes, I am looking at you paternalistic India) comes to his senses and realises the wrongs he has done and commits himself to genuinely reform his behaviour to his maltreated partner (who is not going to accept living as a second class citizen in her own home no matter his threats that she ‘submissively behaves’). Two, amicable divorce where the spouses go their separate ways with equitable sharing out of their marital assets (the Sikhs as brides have effectively built the country and defended it throughout the marriage). The Sikhs are generous and magnanimous people and would be prepared to walk away with less than their fair share going with what they brought into the marriage – their ancestral Sikh homeland of the Punjab. The third way of course is when the indignant husband will not admit his wrongdoing let alone desire to mend his bad ways (his ego will insist that the woman is again at fault) and continues to stalk, harass and assail his spouse who wants no further part of such an abusive relationship. In that situation (we have all seen the bollywood films with such scenarios) the woman must fight for her very life let alone liberty. So come on India, mend your ways or we will leave you alone, without our skirts to hide under from your next-door neighbours, the Afghan Jihadi and the Communist Chinese. These two Indian leaders who continue to spurn the Sikh (and who no doubt subscribe to the warped view prevalent in Indian male mindset that raped woman must have done something provocative to have been raped which can then be used to justify the act and absolve the rapist from guilt) are even wearing the Nehru suits of that first unfaithful suitor who seduced the Sikhs into taking his hand in matrimony in 1947 and no doubt underneath are similarly wearing saris in tribute to Indira as they whitewash the sins of 1984. As for the SGPC being ‘unhappy’ about these books – they shed only crocodile tears as they were falling over themselves to prostitute Sikhi to the likes of the rhinestone rockstar rapper Ram Rahim; like one of those greedy marriage brokers who don’t give a damn about making unsuitable matches so long as they are paid.

  3. Please maintain peace at all cost in Punjab by peaceful means like education and Satyagraha.

    Don’t fall in the trap of “EMPIRE” by indulging in any form of violence.

    The Empire has many people among us and the only way to recognize them is to know that they are Violent , spreads rumors and hate.
    They spew hate on grounds of Religion Nation , Caste ,state ,Language and Race.

    Never go back to the ” Bhindranwale- Indira ” Punjab of 1980-1990.

    • Um you do know that one day the period of 1980s will come back… Bhindranwale was fighting for rights, some people are so brainwashed that they don’t seem to understand. The Khalsa will always fight against tyranny and oppression.


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