SGPC calls for government files related to Operation Blue Star to be made public

2016-04-06_reference_libraryAMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) President, Avtar Singh Makkar, has asked the Indian government to make files related to Operation Blue Star available to the public. Prior to this, both BJP Rajya Sabha member, Subramanium Swamy, and food and processing minister, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, had raised the same demand. Swamy did not only demand that the files be made public, but also gave due respect to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, calling him a “saintly person.”

In a press release, Makkar said that during the attack on Darbar Sahib, the Indian army committed grave atrocities against Sikhs. “Thousands of innocent Sikh devotees were killed and Sri Akal Takht Sahib was demolished by Indian troops using field guns and tanks,” he wrote.

“Later, a conspiracy was engineered by the then Congress government to carry out genocide of Sikhs in November 1984. During this genocide, thousands of innocent Sikhs were massacred mercilessly which was a heinous crime against humanity. Through these files, reality will come to to the foreront,”he said.


    • As you are not interested in historical Sikh grievances detailed in the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions or the murder of Sikhs in Amritsar in 1978 I would draw your attention to the speech made by Ashwani Kumar, doyen of he Indian Hockey Association, in 2006, who confirmed that Indira Gandhi had a long standing antipathy towards Sikhs long before 1984 in an article on In his speech he reported that ‘in 1974 when I was an Inspector General in the Border Security Force I received a call from the Prime Minister’s office that Mrs Indira Gandhi wanted to see me urgently that evening. I could not guess the reason for the summons as not much happening in either the Border Security Force or Jammu and Kashmir. Anyway I reached Delhi and after formal exchange of greetings I mustered some courage to ask the prime ministers ‘madam, you asked for me Is there anything specific? She replied No, nothing much, The only reason I have called you here is to tell you that the Education Minister recently pointed out to me that you have been recruiting too many Sikh hockey players said Mrs Gandhi. I kept quiet though I was very upset. I returned to the guest house and signed my letter of resignation from the presidentship of the Indian Hockey Federation. The contribution of Sikhs to Indian hockey has always been immense and I salute them’.
      In addition to the above I suggest you also read BJP leader and newly nominated Rajya Sabha member Dr Subramanian Swamy’s comments on Bhindranwale on 24th April 2016 in Hindustan Times when he termed the 1984 attack on Darbar Sahib foolishness on the part of then prime minster Indira Gandhi. Addressing the students of Lovely Professional University he said he believed Bhindranwale was a preacher who promoted Sikhism and motivated youth to stay away from drugs. ‘Since Bhindranwale at that time was only 35, his style of preaching was a bit aggressive, he said, and that’s what prompted many to think he was a hardliner, even a terrorist. I met him many times before Operation Bluestar. He would call media for casual meetings in routine at Akal Takht so he was not a terrorist.’ In the light of the two above it is clear that your holocaust denial / apologist that Sikhs walked into a trap is false – the Sikhs were bushwhacked and ambushed with perverse nation building premeditation (with Indira actually committing treason by asking for British help to plan an attack on Darbar Sahib) and festering prejudice against Sikhs. In 1991 the police in UP – NOT Punjab – organised a fake encounter at Pilibhit to murder 11 Sikh pilgrims from a bus and Sikhs just two days ago were banned from attending an exam in Haryana (which was part of Punjab until 1966!) if they did not remove their kara and kirpans so that prejudice and antipathy towards the Sikhs continues till this day! Don’t try to blame Sikhs for the evil that lurks in the hearts and minds of those who are jealous and resentful of them.


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