Sikh Heritage Month Proclaimed At Brampton City Hall On Vaisakhi Day

2012-04-30_bham_vaisakhiBRAMPTON, ON, Canada—City Councillor Gurpreet S. Dhillon is proud that the City of Brampton has joined the Province of Ontario in proclaiming the month of April as Sikh Heritage Month. It was announced today at the Council meeting, which fell on Vaisakhi Day. The proclamation was put forward by Mr. Mohan Singh Hira Bhangoo.

“Having the City proclaiming April as Sikh Heritage Month is an achievement that shows the diversity and the inclusivity of our City,” said Councillor Dhillon.

In addition to events happening across Ontario, the City of Brampton will host a reception in City Hall on Tuesday, April 26 from 5pm-8pm. The reception will honour four outstanding Sikhs in the community:

  • Jasmeet Raina (aka Jus Reign) – internet and YouTube sensation
  • Raj Ghuman – local radio host, singer, songwriter and international artist
  • Amrik Singh Ahluwalia – newly-appointed Chair of the Peel Police Services Board
  • Iqbal Mahal – influential pioneer media personality

“The reception is open to the public and I urge my fellow Bramptonians to attend and learn more about Sikhs in the community,” said Councillor Dhillon.

The following was the official proclamation:

WHEREAS: The Sikh Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to show honour to the growing and vibrant Sikh Community in Brampton. Sikhs have made significant contributions to the growth of Brampton and its prosperity, and continue to do so; and

WHEREAS: On behalf of all Sikhs in the City of Brampton, I aim to share the Sikh religion and culture with all the citizens of Brampton in the month of April. Sikhs all around Canada and the world celebrate Vaisakhi in April also known as Khalsa Day, signifying the creation of the Khalsa and the Sikh articles of faith; and

WHEREAS: By proclaiming the month of April as Sikh Heritage Month, the City of Brampton recognizes the important contributions Sikhs have made to Brampton’s community, economic, political and ethnic fabric; and

WHEREAS: Sikh Heritage Month is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about Sikh Canadians and the contributions they have made to this City, the Province and our Country.

THEREFORE: I, Mayor Linda Jeffrey, do hereby proclaim the month of April as “Sikh Heritage Month” in the city of Brampton.


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