Poem: The Garden of Guru Nanak

In the Garden of Guru Nanak, sit his Gursikhs
Beautiful souls, radiating the light of Akaal Purakh.
Some reading Jap Jee some Jaap
Some reading Sukhmani some doing Ustat of Akaal
Guroo Guroo can be heard, and Gur Bar Akaal
Some in flowing blue robes, others in simple white
Some with ever larger Dumalas, others with small round Dastars
Some with neat Noks, others with messy Gols
Some wear pajamees, others do not
There are many with Khandai on their Dastars,and many more with Chands
No one complains at the finish of Mundavni,
no one gets up and leaves for what follows
Some finish at Kharagkhet, others thank the Jag Mata.
Some hold large Teghs, others hold Gandasaas.
The Sants and Bhais all sit together,
The Professors and Doctors too.
All revel in the bliss of Amrit,
Japping Guroo Guroo day and night.
None are higher than their neighbours,
All are part of the same Light.
The Garden of Nanak is beautiful and unique.
When the Guru comes to give Darshan,
He does not pick favourites.
The Gol is just as beautiful to him as the Nok.
The Pajamee is just as dear to him as the bare-legged.
He does not love Kharagket more then Jag Mata,
Nor does he love Mundavni more than the Raags.
He shares his love for his Gursikhs equally.
They are all pleasing to him. He desires only their love,
Not their affiliations.
In the Garden of Guru Nanak, sit his Gursikhs
Beautiful souls, radiating the light of Akaal Purakh.


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