BREAKING: Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Near Sri Amritsar

MEHTA, Punjab—As per emerging reports, a saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was found desecrated near Sri Amritsar at village Ram Dewali Musalmana Gurdwara Sahib.  The incident took place around 12:30 AM last night.

While providing details of the incident, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda of United Akali Dal said, “three men entered the Gurdwara Sahib and desecrated Guru Granth Sahib and other pothis which were kept at the Gurdwara.”

“Several pothis were put atop the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib and set on fire,” he added.  The volume of Guru Granth Sahib and 10 pothis were damaged completely.

Police has arrested three persons, namely Prem Titu, Raju and Shamsher Masih in relation to the incident.

The individuals apparently also broke the Gurdwara golak before putting the saroop and pothis on fire.

Prominent Sikh Jathebandis, along with the activists of Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee are present at the village.

Bhai Sukhjit Singh Khose of the Satkar Committee said, “this is the second incident of sacrilege in less than 24 hours.  Just earlier today, we recovered three badly damaged saroops of Guru Granth Sahib from a jathera (place of ancestral worship) and samadh (tomb) from village Kishangarh (Jalandhar).”


  1. The distractionary and diversionary ramblings of a person called ‘Harinder’. The ’empire’ is none other than the Indian empire – an undemocractically constituted, expansionist, all conquering, all controling superstate. Maybe Harinder, you should go to Modi with begging hands, and ask him to consider these matters and maybe he may take some pity and do something. Or may be not. Given your approach, Harinder you are well suited to approaching Modi!

  2. We Sikhs have a long way to travel (infinite ) to Learn all the Knowledge the World possess as of today and will develop in the future.
    Learning is a infinite Journey guided by the light of infinite Timeless GOD (Waheguru)

    • ‘To learn all the knowledge the world possess today and will develop in future’ is the path of a Manmukh interested in earthly delights, sensual pleasures and self gratification NOT a Gurmukh who is content with God’s grace. The purpose of being a Sikh is spiritual enlightenment so as to be reunited / merged with Waheguru and escape the endless (infinite) cycle of births, deaths and rebirths. That path of spiritual enlightenment has already been laid down in the Gurmat formulated by the 10 Gurus in their lifetimes and now encapsulated forever (infinite time) and expressed in Sri Guru Granth Sahib’s Gurbani.

  3. You got it wrong.
    Sikh means a Learner.
    A learner from all sources whose origin can be traced back to one Almighty GOD whom people worship under different names.

    • No you have got it wrong. Learner mean learner. A Sikh is a learner who follows Sikh religious teachings. Stop trying to divorce the Sikh from the Gurmat of his Guru as that is just pernicious and scandalous attempt to both decouple and sideline Sri Guru Granth Sahib from the faith of Sikhi where the Guru occupies central position for all time. Adopt another religion and you can be a ‘learner’ in that and take on board and dispense with whatever teachings take your fancy and personal peccadiloes. Also you still have not answered what ‘values’ and ‘teachings’ you think you can get from others that are not present in Sikhi?

  4. Do you know why we got our name as
    and not Fixed,Rigid or constant.
    This is because Sikh means a learner.

    He is constantly learning from the Universe which it self is constantly evolving.
    That is why Sikh the learner did not adopt other holy books for spiritual guidance.

    • The Sikh is the learner but his GURU is the teacher. We had unlike any other religion in the world TEN HUMAN GURUS (FOUNDERS OF THE FAITH) to teach us OVER A TWO CENTURY PERIOD who had full contact with other religious and philosophical schools of thought and were thus able to extract what was truth in those and add to their own conceptions to produce the Sikh’s FINAL and ETERNAL GURU who is to be the Sikh’s future teacher GURU GRANTH SAHIB. The spiritual revelation that the Gurus inculcated into the Gurmat contained within the Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib is immutable – it cannot be changed, altered, added, subtracted or revised – as that is the the whole point of religious faith divinely inspired to enlighten a human being. Sikhs are NOT going to look for further sages and saints as we have been specifically told by Guru Gobind Singh himself in person that from the moment he invested authority in Guru Granth Sahib that we as Sikhs were ONLY to accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib as a our sole Guru (teacher). That is fixed, rigid and constant because it is the edict of the founder of our faith. You don’t listen to a teacher who you acknowledge has more knowledge than you (and knowledge which has been divinely gifted to them) and then turn around and disobey their instruction and still get to call yourself his Sikh.

  5. Had our first Guru Nanak devji still been still around in 2016 .
    He would have gone visiting UK ,USA ,Canada ,France ,Italy ,Germany etc etc and as a Sikh would have learnt lot of good values from these great cultures .
    Learning is a infinite journey and is constantly evolving .
    This is the reason that several Sikhs face difficulties in the western world .

    • What are you basically saying is that Guru Nanak and the NINE Gurus who followed him (so nine lifetimes worth of experience not to mention the compositions taken from other saints and sages from other religious and theo-philosophies from thousands of miles and hundreds of years!) were unable to produce an authoritative and definitive religious theology because it was always going to become outdated and irrelevant with the passage of time! That is NOT how religious doctrine works my friend if it has any value at all – you have to as an adherent be convinced and accept that the founders of the faith have formulated the entire conception of their theological message otherwise how can you say it is divinely inspired? In Sikhism if there was to be any further additions (or amendments and deletions as you no doubt would prefer it) the tenth human Guru, Guru Gobind Singh would not have invested Guruship into Sri Guru Granth Sahib but passed it on like his predecessors to another enlightened human being so that they could continue building on the work of their predecessors. He DID NOT do this because ALL that a Sikh needs to know about spiritual enlightenment had been formulated (by the nine Gurus before him as well as his own composition), collected and set down under his direct personal supervision in the Gurbani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and decreed that there would be no further human successor Gurus and that Sikhs were to GURU MANEYO GRANTH for the rest of time. If you want a religion which bends with the whims of people’s own personal peccadilloes and allows them to pick and choose which bits of religiosity are convenient to them Hinduism is absolutely the right faith for you as there is a God or Goddess for any occassion and loads of room for interpretation with an institutionalised priestly class that will accommodate. Sikhi was true then, it is true now and it shall forever be true – it can NOT be altered by man (such as your desire to dispense with Miri Piri and Khalsa’s Panj Pyare) as Sikhs have had the instruction (unfortunately for you) direct from the mouth of Guru Gobind Singh himself. You tell me what ‘good value’ Sikhi is presently missing that it would have got from other cultures since the death of Guru Gobind Singh? Tell me which aspect of SIkhi has been contradicted by advances in science since Guru Gobind Singh’s death? You have no answer for either of these questions so why are you bothering to post on a Sikh website when you cannot subscribe to the core concepts of Sikhi other than to try and denigrate the faith? Make up your own religion like Ram Rahim and you can do whatever you like (adopt the devil worshipper’s philosophy of ‘Do what thou wilt’ which you enjoin Badal to do in his capacity as CM and you can make your favourite Sunny Leone a high priestess for your female followers to emulate) but don’t tell Sikhs our religion isn’t up to the task of spiritual enlightenment when without it you and your compatriots would be posting as Muslim converts from hundreds years back.

    • That is why you are NOT a Sikh as all our spiritual knowledge comes from our faith and the Gurmat of Gurbani. Guru Nanak travelled for most of his adult life from Burma to Himalayas down to South of India right across to middle east looking to converse with sages from all walks of life, philosophy and religions. He encountered in those travels all the theology of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism and picked and chose which ideas he thought concurred with his own spiritual enlightenment and even selected those hymns and compositions form others that he thought better expressed what he was trying to say. That is why Sri Guru Granth Sahib contains not only the original shabads of the Gurus themselves but also from Sufi saints and Hindu Bhagats. Those ideas from these other religions that are not contained within Sri Guru Granth Sahib have effectively been rejected as the Gurus have already done the filtering for us as to which notions from other faiths are correct or antithetical to Sikh theology. IN this way for example we concur with Christianity that there is but One God but we also reject the concept of Trinity and idea that God has been present in human form upon the Earth (which again means we cannot subscribe to Hinduism’s pantheon of deities and avatars). Spiritual knowledge and the enlightenment to be gained form it are the ‘why’ we live our lives as opposed to the ‘how’ found in scientific empiricism but it is remarkable how close the two tally when you consider Guru Nanak’s pronouncements on matters such as how many types of life there is, his concept that God has created many different kinds of life in his creation (the universe), laws of conservation of energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed from one form to another is just another means of explaining the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth) and concurrence with the theory of evolution as we do not have an Adam and Eve creation myth to be negated by scientific discovery. If you are a SIkh you do NOT need to start incorporating in a pick and mix manner the’best’ of other religions as the Gurus have already done all such legwork and prescribed in written form that which is both true and relevant in the bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

  6. What we need to learn is all in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji – there is no need to look elsewhere. Sikhs respect all other faiths but our learning only comes from Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    • Sri Guru Granth Sahib is NOT just some holy book that can be put along side others. It is the living and eternal GURU of the Sikhs. Respect for other people’s holy books does NOT mean we believe in their tenets which are often antithetical to Sikh teaching. You will not find any of these other religions holy books installed in our Gurdwaras so they do not have equal validity as you are suggesting to a Sikh. We respect other people’s right to believe and revere their holy books but not one of those holy books is regarded as actual respective Guru in those faiths i.e. taking the physical place and spiritual authority of the founders of those religions be it prophet or messiah. Now do you comprehend the difference?

      • ‘Our GOD has taught us to respect all holy books.’ It is not Our God but simply God (Waheguru) because there is only One and he is God to every human being. And ‘He’ did not teach us as he has never been immanent in human form upon the earth. Gurmat was taught to the Sikhs by the ten human Gurus (and is now taught to Sikhs through Sri Guru Granth Sahib) which included having tolerance for other people’s faiths (not accepting or incorporating the tenets of other faiths) and a ‘live and let live’ ethos towards those other faiths.

  7. Punjab govt needs to enact law providing constitutional protection to all holy books.

    Guru Granth Sahib
    Bhagvat Geeta

    • What copies of Koran, Bible and Hindu scriptures have been sacrileged? None. ZERO. This issue is about attacks and atrocities being committed against Sikhs. Do NOT try to detract from that truth.

  8. It has proven it.
    It is the Empire up to its old mischiefs of spreading chaos and violence around the world for its imperial designs.
    If you are not careful they will convert this into a civil war and label you as terrorist and then carry out extra judicial killings and do genocide -4,
    Stay calm ,let police deal with it and don’t get provoked.

    • Let the police deal with it? The same ones controlled by the Akali Badal Party who protects them when they torture Sikh ‘suspects’ and kills Sikh protesters of beadbi in the street? Yes that makes sense because the Punjab police are above reproach and totally trustworthy. Perhaps you would like to put Sumedh Saini in charge?

      • Punjab police operates under the Laws of Land which have been burrowed from the laws of the British Empire.
        No one else has the capability and authority to investigate this event.
        Let Police do its Jobs and you should concentrate on your Job.
        Let us not do

        NET -JUSTICE

      • TADA Law was not inherited but created by Indian state – Indian law makers made it for Indian Law enforcers against Indian citizens – all brown skinned no foreign white people dead or alive involved.
        Punjab police is corrupt and inept so have neither the capability or authority to do an investigation until that culture is totally rooted out. This means pensioning off top three tiers of ranks with arraignment and charges levelled against those facing allegations so an example is set to the remaining ranks that corruption and dereliction of duty will not be tolerated. It needs to be a professional police service which protects and serves the public trust. Until then it remains with citizen reporting (smartphones videoing, protests etc), media scrutiny and pressure put upon political parties to have changes made to police attitudes – example, the reporting and investigation of rapes are taken more seriously now by police all over India now because of all that. That is the job of the citizen, to ensure the police do their duty and as a Sikh it is my ‘job’ to oppose tyranny and injustice rather than support a quasi Gestapo force which is ready to round up all the usual suspects (Sikhs) in order to simply clear up a case making life inconvenient to them.

      • We need to have Police Reforms and modernized to make it into a thorough professional force .
        They need to be trained in some of the top countries of the World like USA ,Canada or UK to deal with some pressing issues in Punjab like

        1) Drugs
        2) Sacrileges
        3) Terrorist attacks like in Pathankoat and Gurdaspur .

        They should be ably be supported by Law makers so as to give King Badal rule a
        UTOPIAN RULE or a KHALSA RAJ or a RAM RAJAYA like administration.

  9. It is the Empire carrying our provocation to start a civil unrest in Punjab like in the
    Bhinderwla -Indira Punjab of 1980-1990

    Don’t fall into the “TRAP”

    • The names of the culprits arrested are PREM TITU, SHAMSHER and RAJU MASIH – don’t sound like foreign Empire names to me, just Indians motivated by Hinduvta hatred and RSS rhetoric.


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