Dal Khalsa: Punjab Leaders Are Merely Doing Lip Service on Punjab’s Water Issue

File Photo: Current condition of the SYL canal
File Photo: Current condition of the SYL canal

CHANDIGARH—Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Badal responded to the Central Government’s challenge of the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act in 2004 by saying that Punjab doesn’t have a single drop of water to spare for its neighboring states. 

In 2004, when Captain Amarinder Singh led the Punjab government, the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act was passed to annul the 1981 Indira Gandhi award and subsequent agreements relating to the distribution of Ravi-Beas waters among Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.  The Punjab government had passed this resolution following the Indian Supreme Court’s order to the central government to complete the Satluj-Yamuna Link Canal.

Reacting to the statement by Badal, the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, said that he hopes that the verdict will be in favor of Haryana.  Meanwhile, Anil Vij, a BJP minister, claimed that Haryana was demanding a fair share of the water that it deserves.

Commenting on the issue, Dal Khalsa activist Sarbjit Singh Ghumman stated, “Congress, Akali Dal and BJP are equally responsible for the ‘loot’ of Punjab’s waters.  Congress senior leader Darbara Singh was responsible for the first allowing this loot.”

“The SYL canal was built at the time of Barnala Government.  Badal himself has not taken a concrete step on the issue of water distribution.  The BJP has always openly stood against Punjab on the issue of SYL canal.  These leaders are merely doing lip server and not working in favour of the Punjabis on the water issue,” he added.


  1. All issues in world can be solved by discussions.
    In any case with in 4 billion years all rivers in Punjab will evaporate due to the expanding Sun.
    We need to focus our energy into a futuristic Space faring people.

    • ‘All issues in world can be solved by discussions.’ What do you think the Sarbat Khalsa that you are trying to demonise and ban was all about? Why are Sikh activists arrested on charges of sedition as soon as they open their mouths? You can’t have a discussion when you try to silence, imprison, torture and disappear the other side of the argument. ‘We need to focus our energy into a futuristic Space faring people’. NO, we need to focus our energy on giving education, health and welfare support to our people with those resources freeing them from ignorance and casteism.

      • We need to avoid 5 extremists that live amongst us

        1) Religious
        2) Nationalist
        3) Castiest
        4) Languagist
        5) Racist

        The we will translate our prayers into reality


      • For you a religious extremist is a Sikh who dares to follow Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s explicit instruction of baptism into the Sikh faith and bear the Kakars, the Five Required Articles of Sikh Faith. You don’t want Sikhs to have any visible distinct identity that makes them stand out – and therefore stand up as Guru Gobind Singh Ji intended. ‘Languagist’ isn’t even a word but you have made it up because you want to similarly get rid of the Punjabi language particularly because the Bani of Guru Granth Sahib Ji is written in Gurmukhi which is readily accessible and understandable by Punjabi speakers. In effect you want to reduce / marginalise Guru Granth Sahib Ji (as can be seen in your offensive refrain that it is just a holy book akin to Ramayana!) and make it as redundant as the Hindu scriptures which are written in a largely dead language of Sanskrit which the Brahmins have a monopoly over and so can interpret / translate dictate to the Hindu masses according to their whim. Best you concentrate on religious, nationalist, casteist and racist extremism all to be found in Hinduvta’s right wing reactionary fascist agenda.

      • Also stop trying to quote Sikh scripture to try and back up your anti Sikh prejudices. You don’t even know the names of the ten Gurus let alone their Gurmat and you are making a fool of yourself going online trying to Google random quotes. Same with bringing up Orwell’s 1984 novel – you haven’t read it let alone understood it apart from the blurb on the back which connects the year ‘1984’ to the keywords ‘totalitarian dystopia’.

  2. Don’t let this flare up into a war along state line or religious lines.
    Water is needed by people in both the states and we must show Statesman like approach and not pander to the charged emotions of the people.

    Haryana was an integral part of former Punjab separated by a designs .


    • By ‘Statesman approach’ what you mean is just bend over and submit. BY riparian convention acknowledged the world over the Punjab is perfectly within its rights to hang onto to its own water as that is essential to the well being of its centuries old agrarian society. The people of Haryana were not separated ‘by designs’ (whatever that means) but by the democratic will of the Punjabi Hindus who did not want to be a part of Punjab anymore either geographically, religion or language and seceded by referendum in 1966. But now FIFTY YEARS later they want our water suddenly they are are ‘integral part’ of Punjab again?! We can share but NOT to the extremes that have been taken thus far with canals literally bleeding us dry. Without Punjabi people’s express consent that kind of misappropriation is akin to theft.

      • How has the division of States helped either in 1947 or in 1966.
        The only people that have gained are the 03 new CM we created instead of one who will not sacrifice there 03 chairs but will want there citizens to sacrifice there lives .
        We never use to have wars in in Punjab till we split into Pakistan Punjab and Indian Punjab .
        We never had Bhindranwale-Indira Punjab till we became Language and Religious Extremist in 1966.
        We need to shun Extremism in all its form be it in nature of
        Religion ,Nation ,States ,Language ,caste or race.
        The reasons are two
        1) One we are all going to die one day where all these things don’t matter.
        2) Our daily Prayers to Waheguru has

      • All peoples have a right to self determination – that’s why two countries were birthed in 1947 and the Punjabi Hindus voted to secede from Punjab to form their own Haryana and forsake language of Punjabi for Hindi. The Sikhs fought two Anglo Sikh wars in Punjab the 19th century so there were wars before India and Pakistan created. ‘We never had Bhindranwale-Indira Punjab till we became Language and Religious Extremist in 1966’: are you ready to concede the Punjabi Hindu was a reactionary extremist in the twenty years leading up to 1966 when they decided they wanted a Hindu homeland of Haryana and rejected their mother tongue? I think you better check with RSS High Command before you admit to such an ugly truth or they might send you to Ram Rahim for re-education / castration.

      • There is a misconception that Punjab has abundant river water which is totally false and one you continue to peddle. Even though you obsessed with ridiculous space travel it isn’t rocket science but simple maths and common sense to understand. ‘The rivers of Punjab have a total of 28.5 M. A. F. water. Rajasthan takes away 11.2 M.A.F. of the Punjab river waters (8.6 M.A.F. through the Rajasthan Canal, 1.5 M.A.F. through the Bhakra Canal and 1.1 M.A.F. through the Bikaner Canal). And, Haryana has been allotted 7.83 M.A.F. (4.33 M.A.F. goes from the Satluj through the Bhakra Canal. Besides this, 1.62 M.A.F. out of 3.5 M.A.F. alloted from the Ravi-Beas system also runs through the Bhakra canal. The remaining 1.88 M.A.F. is a bone of contention. (Over and above this, Haryana takes 5.6 M.A.F. from the Yamuna and also uses the entire 1.1 M.A.F. water of the Ghaggar.)
        Punjab is left with 9.47 M.A.F. Most people do not know that Haryana gets more water than Punjab, although it has less area than Punjab. (Punjab has 50362 sq. kilo metres of area while Haryana has 44212 sq.kilo metres.) It may also be pointed out that according to Helsinky Rules 1966 and the Indian Constitution (Entry 17 of List ii under Seventh Schedule), Punjab, as the riparian state, is entitled to the entire water of its rivers.’

  3. The only answer to water woes is

    “Reunification of Punjab ”

    Rest all solutions are a Road to Nowhere .

    Let us use our thinking power that GOD gave all of us.

    • Deeply cynical plan to dilute power of Sikhs by then saying Sikhs in Punjab are no longer the majority even within their own homeland. Plus of course you create a legal technicality to get around the abuse of riparian law by saying ‘hey, look we are no longer diverting water from Punjab it is just being relocated within greater Punjab’. The Sikh homeland of Punjab would still be bereft of its water leading to further degradation of Sikh farmers lands. Also within this suddenly proposed ‘reunification’ what is going to be the language of PUnjab – is it still going to be Punjabi (which Punjabi Hindus abandoned to make Haryana in 1966) or will you make Hindi the language? Perhaps you will change the name of Punjab as well – after all by the time you are done with it won’t be land of five rivers but rather land of a couple of canals. You are not sharing water when you are diverting it away from Punjab’s farmlands rendering them useless after thousands of years to lands which do not naturally have rich farmland. The Punjab was breadbasket of India for decades and we can continue to feed the rest of India only if we keep our own resources which are essential to health and economy of our land. You think Mopdi would allow Gujrat to give up its precious natural resources to anyone?


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