Burger named after Canada’s first Sikh Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan

VANCOUVER, Canada— The Cannibal Cafe in Vancouver, Canada has dedicated a burger to the first Sikh Defence Minister of Canada, Mr. Harjit Singh Sajjan. The burger is being called, ‘The Minister of National Delicious”.

Sajjan tasted the burger for first time in downtown Vancouver. He tweeted, “National Deliciousness indeed!  Tried my namesake burger at Vancouver’s The Cannibal Cafe and was not disappointed.” 

45-year-old Sajjan was appointed as Defence Minister in November of last year.

The master chef behind the burger, Zai Kitagawa, said that he started thinking of the burger right after Harjit Singh Sajjan’s appointment as the National Defense Minister.  “If there’s a man that a Canadian can be proud of, it’s definitely Mr. Sajjan,” he said.

Kitagawa even included pakoras (deep fried dish) to give the burger a Punjabi flavour.


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