Popular Punjabi Singer Balkar Sidhu Joins Congress

Singer-actor Balkar Sidhu (seated, right) with Punjab Congress chief Capt Amarinder Singh (centre) after joining the party in Chandigarh on Tuesday (Ravi Kumar/HT Photo)
Singer-actor Balkar Sidhu with Punjab Congress chief Capt Amarinder Singh (Ravi Kumar/HT Photo)

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Former AAP leaders and Punjabi singer Balkar Sidhu yesterday joined the Congress party in the presence of state party head Captain Amarinder Singh in Chandigarh.

The Bathinda based singer was previously denied membership to the AAP by the leadership, in the 2014 Parliament elections, due to allegations of fraud.

Addressing media, Balkar Sidhu stated that the AAP is disintegrating day by day. Refuting allegations of fraud levelled against him, Balkar Sidhu added that the AAP leadership firstly contacted him and then denied him entry in the Parliament elections of 2014 by raising false allegations against him. He announced he would sue the AAP leadership for defaming him.

Warmly welcoming Balkar Sidhu joining the Congress party, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee’s head Captain Amarinder Singh said that Congress would benefit from Balkar Sidhu’s public image. Strongly condemning the misuse of the slogan ‘Inqlab Zindabad’ by the AAP leadership to earn political mileage, he said that the AAP leadership was misguiding the youth of Punjab. He further added that the AAP should be ousted from Punjab in the upcoming 2017 assembly elections.



  1. A ‘Sikh’ joins the Congress Party which to this day refuses to acknowledge that it orchestrated mass murder of Sikhs in the streets of the Capitol city. This ‘Sikh’ should go down to the widow colony in Trilokpuri and look those Sikh women and orphans in the eye and ask them whether he is ‘popular’ because their accusing glare will be the same as Waheguru’s when he has to answer for his lack of conscience.


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