Dal Khalsa Asks Khalsa College Governors To Open Khalsa University In Jalandhar

Khalsa College AmritsarAMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—In order to overcome the controversy of the proposed Khalsa University, the Sikh political party Dal Khalsa has suggested to the Governing Council of Khalsa College to establish the new university in Jalandhar. Favouring the need of establishing a Khalsa University due to crisis of the rising apostate Sikh youth of Punjab, the Dal Khalsa has emphasized the need to end controversies raised due to suspicions among the public.

In a press note shared with Sikh24, Dal Khalsa’s spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh has said that with establishment of the proposed Khalsa University in Jalandhar all controversies would end themselves. He added that the land donators of Khalsa College are seeing the move as an indirect attempt of Badal to establish control over Khalsa College via the Majithia family. ‘No doubt Khalsa University is the need of the hour but the controversies about it need to be ended as soon as possible” he added.

Commenting over the statement given by Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University Dr. A.S Brar, S. Kanwarpal Singh stated that instead of competing with the proposed Khalsa University, the GNDU should emphasize on giving challenges to Lovely Professional University and DAV University. He added that the Vice-Chancellor should not forget that the land for Guru Nanak Dev University was donated by the Khalsa College Governing Council.



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