Supreme Court Asks Union Govt To Clarify Proportion Of Sikh Population in Punjab

Punjab mapNEW DELHI, India—Following the hearing on the petition filed by SGPC and the Punjab government seeking reinstatement of minority status of Sikh students in SGPC run educational institutes, the five member constitutional bench of Supreme Court yesterday asked the Central government of India to assist in judging the population proportion of Sikhs in Punjab. In the notice issued to the central government of India by the Chief Justice Teerath Singh Thakur led constitutional bench, the Supreme Court has sought help in the issue from Attorney General Mukal Rohtagi.

Appearing before the court on behalf of the SGPC and Punjab government, Advocate Rakesh Dwivedi ruled out the High Court’s decision by contending before the Court that every linguistic and religious minority in India possesses the right to promote it’s culture by opening its own educational institutes. He further added that such institutions can’t be forced to follow the equal right principle as they are sponsored by the concerned communities and not by government. Counsel Dwivedi also asked the Supreme Court to consider a vote count of SGPC elections.

It is noteworthy here that according to the census of 2011, the population of Sikhs in Punjab is 57.69 %. Earlier the reservation of seats for Sikh students in SGPC run institutes was quashed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court, referring to the population proportion of Sikhs in Punjab. An 11 member constitutional bench of the High Court had said that it was unfair to reserve seats for Sikh students in SGPC run institutes in Punjab as the Sikhs were already in majority in Punjab.   

Now, the answer filed by Central government to Supreme Court will decide future of other minorities residing in India. The bench has asked the union government to clarify whether the Sikhs in Punjab or Christians in Meghalya could be treated as minorities.



  1. This is all very suspicious to me. The Shameless Godless Perverted Collaborators (SGPC) apply to the court to reinstate minority status in Sikh education institutions (founded and funded by Sikhs) but the court says no you are a majority in Punjab. That’s a problem for the Hindudvta cause if the pressure continues to mount for a referendum on Sikh self determination as becomes increasingly obvious that ailing gangster Bad Al Capone and his SGPC puppets are no longer representing the Sikh kaum. Now the court suddenly wants to find out exactly how many Sikhs are living there? Seemingly an innocuous a means as any in determining where Sikhs are residing but we know to what use such electoral rolls was put to in Delhi. The SGPC can proclaim a Pyrrhic victory when the court reverses its decision (after central and Punjab Government determine that there were less Sikhs than they thought in Punjab – particularly after a cull of dissidents and mass imprisonment) and says yes SGPC you can now have minority status applied to your institutions for Sikhs. The bigger picture is of course establishing the ‘new normal’ that Punjab is no longer the Sikh homeland as Sikhs are no longer the majority therefore can not reasonably agitate for self determination rights (and thus if they do agitate, protest they can be labelled as militants and subjected to draconian measures to pacify / liquidate them). Punjabi Sikhs must wake up to what is really happening here – with the recent attempt to try and claim world heritage status for the Darbar Sahib (touted as prestigious honour to the Sikhs but a technical masterstroke by Hinduvta Sarkari mafia as such status would have them legally take responsibility for ‘maintaining’ ‘the Golden Temple’) this latest wheeze tells me the game is afoot. And in India the foot is always used to kick the unwitting and trusting Sikh from behind – they don’t even want their bravest, boldest, noblest and best army regiment on public parade just because they are Sikh.


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