Lisbon Court Defers Hearing on Bhai Pamma’s Extradition Case For 20 days

 PammaLISBON, Portugal—The Lisbon Court yesterday conducted a hearing on the extradition case of Bhai Paramjit Singh Pamma in Portugal. The team of Punjab police tendered their extradition papers for Bhai Pamma to the court.

After thoroughly going through the intricacies of the case, the Lisbon Court deferred the next hearing for the case to 20 days from now. The Portuguese authorities will examine the accusations levelled against Bhai Pamma in the extradition papers submitted by Indian authorities.

As per information revealed by active Sikh bodies, Bhai Pamma will remain confined in a detention cell for the next 20 days. The Lisbon Court would share it’s verdict regarding the extradition in the next hearing.

Bhai Pamma was arrested by Interpol on December 18 in Portugal. He was had remained on refugee status in the United Kingdom from over a decade. The Indian authorities have been demanding his extradition to India by accusing him of being the mastermind behind the murder of RSS Punjab Chief Rulda Singh, as well as accusing him of two bomb blast cases.



  1. The turban issue is world wide. Sikhs oazrnigation are requested to use TV media (not the Sikh Channel) to educate others. We only do Nagar Kirtan in in Punjabi, other do not understand when this is about.

  2. I notice in the photograph that one of the three men accompanying Bhai Pamma has his face blurred out. We need to make everyone aware this has been done digitally to the photograph to protect that man’s identity because I wouldn’t put it past the Indian judicial system and Punjab Police to try and make up another charge against Pamma that ‘he has horribly disfigured one of his guards who was only doing his duty’. Come to think of it the Portuguese Government might try this line as they’ve got zero evidence to detain Pamma.


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