BREAKING: Ramanjit Singh Sikki announced as Congress candidate for Khadoor Sahib By-poll

Ramanjit-Singh-Sikki-1KHADOOR SAHIB, Punjab—Finally, the Congress has announced Ramanjit Singh Sikki as its candidate for Khadoor Sahib bypoll slated for February 13. 

Sikki had resigned from the post of MLA in the protest against sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib that took place in Tarn Taran village.  Earlier, while speaking with Sikh24, Sikki was unsure about contesting the by-poll due to the fact that mystery still prevailed in the cases of Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s sacrilege throughout Punjab.  

Sikki had said that the reason why he resigned was still an issue, as the Punjab Government had failed to do anything to nab the culprits.


  1. Right, let me get this straight. He resigned in protest of the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib throughout Punjab and Badal’s failure to nab the culprits but he is now standing again for that same post (presumably thinking he has earned some kudos from the Sikh electorate)? Rather than resign and stand again for the same post why doesn’t Ramanjit Sikki go on hunger strike like Bapu Surat Singh and demand justice as he has – Sikki is a much younger man and I am sure there is plenty of fat stored in his body (as much as his head for joining a party which still gives political protection to mass murderers of Sikhs in Delhi) for a hunger strike unto death. But then again he is standing for the Congress Party and their record of doing anything to save the life of a single Sikh is as atrocious as his so-called rivals the Hinduvta teat-suckled Akali BaDal.


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