MP in Bid to Present Sikh Marriage Bill in Indian Parliament

2014-10-24- anandkarajPATIALA, Punjab—Member of Parliament of Patiala Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi has submitted a statement pertaining to the Sikh Marriage Bill 2015, in Indian Parliament.

He submitted a statement after being called by the legislative branch in proposing a draft of the bill for Parliament on December 1. He was asked to state why he had proposed the legislation and describe it’s benefits.

Confirming development, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi informed with Sikh24 that he has stipulated in his statement that Sikhism is sixth largest religion of the world and it also has it’s own separate traditions and rituals. “Sikhs are not being given enough ground to practice their religious beliefs like other majority communities”, he added.

It is worth mentioning here that Article 25, clause 6, explanation II, of Indian constitution portrays the Sikhs as a part of Hindu community. Other communities like Buddhists and Jains are also depicted as part of Hindu religion in this clause.

Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi informed that he was trying to contact all parliament members in seeking support for tabling and passing the bill without any hindrance. He added that he is receiving positive feedback however, the BJP and Trinmool Congress are yet to get back to him.



  1. This is long overdue when you consider that both Pakistan and Bangladesh have recognised the Anand Karaj and even the former colonial power England has made accommodations in their laws to recognise Sikh identity from exemption from wearing helmet if wearing a Dastaar to the right to bear a Kirpan as a baptised Sikh (something a Sikh student was denied in Punjab when trying to sit an exam this year!)


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