Senior Singh Struck on Head with ‘Daatan’ by Drunk Youth

Bhai Kulwant Singh - Injured
Bhai Kulwant Singh – Injured

JALANDHAR, Punjab—An elderly Singh, Bhai Kulwant Singh Ji (of Kaki Pind), has been struck on the head with the blade of a farming tool (daatan) as he interrupted an attack on his son by assailants in thier family owned store.

The attack took place yesterday evening and it is understood Bhai Sahib is now in a stable condition after initially being treated as critical.

Medical scans are currently underway to determine whether any lasting damage has occurred. His son, also in the altercation, is currently undergoing medical treatment too.

Kulwant Singh Kaki PindBhai Kulwant Singh is a prominent kirtani (hymn singer) within the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. He is known to frequent many programs, espousing Gurbani in vibrant renditions.

Sikh24 is told that numerous sangat (congregations) in areas around India, Canada, USA and UK are praying for his safe recovery.



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