INSPIRATION: Bhai Vir Singh’s Thoughts on Meditation – Naam Simran

Bhai Vir SinghBhai Vir Singh is regarded as the founder and creator of Punjabi Literature and was a revered writer and poet, known for his spiritual literary work in particular. 

His literary geniuses include, Shri Guru Kalgidhar Chamatkar, Bijay Singh and Satwant Kaur.

The latter two novels are available in English and are modern masterpieces in describing how ordinary Sikhs were able to accomplish extraordinary things, by simply adhering to the ideals and philosophy taught by the Gurus in Gurbani. In a modern time, the stories bring a very real and resonating feel to young English speaking readers too.

Through Bhai Vir SIngh’s life, he delved deeper and deeper into the spiritual teachings of our Guru. Below are listed are a compilation of points espoused by Bhai Sahib on the very heartbeat of Sikhi – Naam Simran.

1. Waheguru is the Gurmantar, by doing it’s Simran, EVERYTHING is possible and can be achieved.

2. Simran is not an empty practice. It is the Game of Love. Naam must be recited by oneself as if he who until eating food, cannot be satisfied. Simran is to be recited by ones tongue, which gradually reaches one’s heart. A Naam ‘Abhiyasi’ (practitioner) must have great patience and humility.

3. With Simran, the mind first eliminates its dirt and the one who practices Simran shows self-control from bad deeds.

4. By churning on “Waheguru, Waheguru” one’s mind is affected from every angle. The mind becomes more soft and gentle. It can distinguish between right and wrong and can avoid vices and evil.

5. In the initial stages, Simran eliminates the mind’s dirt. So, at first it is difficult to concentrate. Once the dirt and filth are removed it becomes much easier to concentrate. Once the mind becomes pure one begins to enjoy the sweetness of Simran and does not want to stop doing it.

6. Do not worry if your mind doesn’t focus. You must continue focusing on repeating Naam through the day. Whilst enjoying Naam if the mind focuses even a little bit, that is not a small thing. The mind achieves complete control only through Waheguru’s blessing.

7. Whether your mind is able to concentrate or not, continue to meditate on Naam. Those who remained firm will one day achieve complete concentration. Those who continue in this journey, however slowly, will reach their destination.

8. Getting to taste the sweetness of Naam is in Guru Ji’s hands. A Sikh’s duty is to devote and worship. He does not hold the right for it to bear fruit. Guru Ji occasionally will deliver a glimpse of the wondrous lord so that his Sikh does not falter.

9. Naam eliminates sin and pain. Simran even cures the body and takes us closer to God. It allows us to see within ourselves.

10. Those who take Naam should remain humble. Naam is a blessing and gift from Waheguru. If we repeat Naam with this in mind it will keep us humble. The Naami One has power in his Ardas. When Waheguru’s blessings begin to shower on this Sikh he should beware. People may try to use and exploit him. This can also affect his connection with Naam.

11. As one continues in meditation on Naam one attains great physical powers. One must avoid exhibiting these powers as they create great ego. As ego enters the mind, connection with Naam breaks.

12. One who has physical powers is not great. Greater is the one who lives continually in the joy of Naam and for whom Naam has become the foundation of life.

13. After saying “Wagheguru” once, if one feels like saying “Waheguru” again, then consider that Simran is working on the mind and the filth is being removed.

14. After saying “Wagheguru” once, if one feels like saying “Waheguru” again, then thank Waheguru four times, that he has blessed you with Naam and that you have so much love for Naam.

15. Meditation on Naam is a great gift and is attained with the blessings of Waheguru. When you say “Waheguru” then also thank Waheguru again, who blessed you with this gift.

16. When your consciousness reaches its complete blissful state one should not feel proud but understand it as Waheguru’s compassion. Some people become arrogant in this state and this disrupts their spiritual journey. Arrogance and pride must always be avoided.

17. With the practice of Simran you are gaining on your spiritual journey. These are the some of the signs of this progress:
After saying “Wagheguru” once, you feel like saying “Waheguru” again 
Your faith in Naam increases day by day.
Influence of your vices have decreased.
You feel peace in seclusion and quiet.

18. Always remember Naam is the only thing you will take with you in the end. So, do meditate on Naam until your last breath.



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