After Remaining Unconscious For Extended Period; Bapu Surat Singh Forcibly Taken To Hospital

LUDHIANA, Punjab—At 4 AM today (Punjab time), Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa was once again forcibly taken into custody.  Before his arrest, Bapu Surat Singh had been unconscious for several hours.  

Yesterday, a number of prominent Government officials, including Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema had come to Hassanpur to urge Bapu ji to drink water.  He promised that the Government would take concrete steps to release political prisoners.  Dr. Cheema was accompanied with Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner, Jagraon SSP and Civil Hospital, Ludhiana medical officials.

Sikh activists who were accompanying Bapu Surat Singh during the time of his pickup explained that Bapu Surat Singh’s heath had declined immensely.  They explained that when Government officials came to speak with Bapu Ji, he was unconscious for most of the time. 

Bapu Surat Singh is currently at the emergency ward of the DMC, Ludhiana.



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