WATCH: Confessions of a Police Cat – Interviews with Gurmeet Pinky

Playlist: Confessions of a Police Cat - Interviews with Gurmeet Pinky
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Episode 1- In a tell-all confessional account, former Police Inspector, Gurmeet Singh Pinky, reveals the sordid tale of kidnappings and fake encounters during anti-militancy operations

Episode 2- the once blue-eyed boy of senior officers, reveals how a Professor of PAU, Ludhiana, Rajinderpal Singh Bulara was kidnapped and killed in a fake encounter. He also reveals the “cat and mouse” game of police “CATS” , Gurbachan singh saidpur a cat who help in many arrest and those arrested were killed.

Episode 3 – The controversial Police Inspector gives an eye-witness account of how a suspected militant was shot in a police station by a senior officer. Pinky also reveals alleged connivance between certain top-level officials and militants , Gurjant singh.

Episode 4 – throws fresh light on the elimination of four members of the family of a militant by a Nihang Chief allegedly on the asking of a senior officer who faced a dastardly militant attack. He also reveals the custodial death due to torture of a suspect in a Police station in Chandigarh. None of these actions were inquired into.

Episode 5 – The “killer cop”, Gurmeet Singh Pinky narrates how not only were some top militants caught and eliminated but even petty criminals were killed for money in “encounters”.

Episode 6 – claims that “secret funds” were being misused to defend cops facing criminal charges and pay off convicted cops and their families. The concluding episode also carries a “Secret” communication from IB Special Director to Punjab DGP, which gives out the unwritten “policy” in operation in Punjab during militancy


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