SikhFeed: Attempt to Denounce Bapu Surat Singh’s 11 Month Long Struggle in 11 Minutes [Watch Video]

Attempt to Denounce Bapu Surat Singh's 11 Month Long Struggle in 11 Minutes
Watch this video on YouTube.

Here are five things you need to know about the recent video which has surfaced online about Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa –

1. If Bapu ji is in fact eating food, then what’s the need for the Government to forcefully arrest and detain him in hospital? If he’s eating, he should be totally fine and be be able to move.

2. Anyone who has gone to visit Bapu ji at the hospital has had to put their phones in a locker. How was anyone able to make such a long video without getting into trouble? This is obviously a trap!

3. Government knows Bapu Ji is nearing his last days. If Bhaji is martyred, Government will not be able to control the protests by the Sikhs. This video can be seen as damage control attempt by the Government. They want Sikhs to lose interest in the hunger strike so no one cares when Bapu ji dies.

4. Bapu Ji’s body shows signs of extreme food deprivation. We don’t really even need a video to expose him. His body shows it all.

5. Bapu Ji was given food under influence of medications and drugs. If anyone similar proof from his home, please share it online with rest of the sangat.


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