BREAKING: Jagdish Tytler Attacked by Sikh Youth in Delhi

Jagdish Tytler
Mass murder accused:  Jagdish Tytler

DELHI, India—Congress leader Jagdish Tytler was attacked at a wedding function in Delhi on Saturday.

He was confronted and verbally abused by a Sikh youth during the function in Mehrauli area. As the altercation aggravated, the youth tried to attack Tytler. He was then subdued by security and removed.

The Sikh youth named Sehaj Umang Singh Bhatia confronted and verbally abused Jagdish Tytler before throwing a glass at him. The youth reportedly abused Tytler and shouted, how dare he come to the wedding and accused him of playing a part in the 1984 anti-Sikh Pogroms.However, Jagdish Tytler did not get hurt in the incident. After joint interrogation, the youth was arrested under section 107/151 Cr.pc in PS Mehrauli.

Jagdish Tytler is an accused in 1984 riots case.

A Delhi court on Friday refused to accept the closure report and directed the CBI to conduct further investigation in the 1984 anti-Sikh Pogroms case against Congress leader Jagdish Tytler.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Saurabh Pratap Singh Laler ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to conduct further investigation and refused to accept the closure report that gives Tytler a clean chit.



  1. JaJagdish Tytler is actually a Kapoor by caste .

    He shares a common ancestors means a common mother with some members of our Sikh Kapoors community.

    • Why are you talking about caste? Sikhs have no caste and Tytler’s criminal actions are his own and not attributable (or excusable as I am understanding your odd reasoning) to any kind of lineage.

  2. War In war if you disobey orders you are called a “TRAITOR”.
    The War is not about moral science or Justice .
    It is about looser and Victors.

    • Once again you demonstrate that you are not a Sikh when you claim that war is only about winners and losers. No, for the Sikh war is about right and wrong, good and evil. All men die but not all believe they will have to answer for their time on this world to God – what they didn’t do is as important as what they did do in life as a human being. A Sikh understands this and does not therefore place value on his life or whether he is dishonoured as a traitor – the only thing that is important is that he practises Sikh ideals as a Sikh is not only born to stand out from others in a crowd with his 5 K’s and dastaar but also to stand up. Sikh history is a litany of honourable and anguished self sacrifice for the greater good and the simple defiance demonstrated by Guru Gobind Singh’s youngest two children is a constant reminder that a Sikh will oppose tyranny no matter if it costs him his life as martyrdom brings you into God’s grace if you have been true to Waheguru no matter the ordeal. That is why fanatical cults like the RSS and ISIS both envy and fear the Khalsa.

      • What rubbish you are talking again. Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa so that Sikhs would be uniform in appearance and in their character. If you are not true to the ideals Guru Ji designed for his Sikhs you have no right to call yourself one. Sikhism is not a pot-pourri religion where you pick and choose what morals are convenient to you. If you don’t believe in Waheguru and are prepared to go against his will (by accepting false gods and goddesses, horoscopes, astrology and caste system etc) then your faith is lacking and you are not a Sikh by definition.

  3. Bhinderwla and his followers had Rebelled against the Indian State in 1980 -1990 .
    The Regime then was then basically hostile to Sikh for reasons best known to them .

    Tytler was just a Regimes foot soldier like others Bhagat ,Sajjan Kumar , etc etc.

    I don’t think he has a personal grudge against Sikhs.

    • He may not have any personal enmity with Sikhs but people have proof that he is the one who has played key role in 1984 anti Sikh riots

    • As a footsoldier that he was ‘only following orders’ doesn’t excuse him or any other murderers – the Nuremburg Trials proved that for all the Nazis who tried to argue that the crimes they committed against humanity in the name of the state – their beloved fatherland – were somehow excusable as they were only parts of a machine. As a human being you have the moral duty to think for yourself and disobey any order or law that is unjust. The same goes for rebelling against the State – that is after all what Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh did in opposing the rule of the British when they were ruling the subcontinent of India and whose rule was acknowledged to be legitimate legally by virtually every country in the world up to 1947.
      The regime of Indira Gandhi was hostile to Sikhs because they agitated for rights promised to them at Independence (as spelled out in the Anandpur Sahib Resolution during the sixties and seventies) and then openly opposed Indira when she (illegal) declared a state of emergency after being found guilty of fraud by an Indian Court during the mid-seventies. She never forgave the Sikhs for this and sought to diminish their political power in the Punjab (which during that period was with the Akali Dal) by a divide and conquer policy which cynically pitted Bhindranwale against the Akalis. With a general election imminent Indira decided to prove to the nation that she was a tough leader and what better way to demonstrate that to an electorate than to ‘teach a lesson’ to the uppity Sikhs that had been niggling away at her authority for so many years. That was the reason why she attacked Darbar Sahib and the manner in which she did so (remember she even contacted the former colonial power Britain to seek military advise on how best to assault the Vatican of the Sikhs – in effect an Indian Prime Minister seeking (and receiving as a SAS Major was dispatched to India to consult on an attack plan) help from the former imperialist power (that Sikhs like Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh had given their lives to oppose) to kill fellow Indian citizens! That is shameful enough but to compound this with the wholesale organised slaughter of Sikhs across the country and notably in the capitol city and the subsequent desire to allow killers like Tytler, Kumar et al to get away with it for more than 30 years. That is not the India that the Shaheeds died to create – if there is injustice against one Indian then there is injustice for all and we must stand together to oppose such inhumanity. Sikhs are still waiting for justice…

      • i agree. The whole of India should bring those guilty to book. That will result in some way forward.

  4. I think that all the people responsible for 1984 should be wholly punished and beyond. I was just pointing out that it is politicians that ruin people!

    • What has that got to do with anything unless you are trying to push the RSS line that Indians should all be Hindus and by taking on another religion they are becoming corrupted? If so how do you defend the likes of Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar, Rajiv Gandhi and the thousands who participated in the murder of Sikhs in the anti Sikh pogrom of 1984 not to mention the thousands since who have been apologists for such atrocities. Are they all non-Hindus? A mass murdering criminal who commits human rights atrocities can come from any religious denomination so don’t try peddling that crap to Sikhs when we know full well who supported, aided and abetted the massacre of Sikhs and even now quietly condone it as a sort of deserved collective punishment.


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