Huge Blow to Punjab Government as Congress MLA’s Resignation Formally Accepted

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Punjab Assembly Speaker Charanjit Singh Atwal has accepted the resignation of Congress MLA S. Ramanjit Singh Sikki (Khadoor Sahib).  Sikki had resigned from his post of MLA on October 18 following desecration of Guru Granth Sahib Ji at village Bath of Khadoor Sahib province.  Expressing dissent with the workings of the Punjab Government, Sikki had claimed in his resignation that the Punjab Government was trying to suppress the demands of the Sikhs. He expressed dissatisfaction with the way Akalis handled the discretion incidents and protests by the Sikhs.


After formally receiving the resignation, Speaker Atwal had asked Sikki to appear before him on November 17.  Sikki however refused to appear in person, claiming that he has “not faith” in Atwal as he also failed in his duty to calm down the emotions of the Sikhs.  Atwal had no option but to accept Sikki’s resignation on November 17.  Sikki’s resignation has brought great humiliation to the speaker, as well as the ruling Akali-BJP government and the Congress.

With resignation of Ramanjit Singh Sikki, Congress MLA count in Punjab has fallen to 42, while Akali Dal has 59 and BJP has 12.  Assembly Secretariat is in process of handing over the matter to election commission which will likely conduct elections in Khadoor Sahib Constituency in upcoming six months.


  1. This Sacrilege is a deliberately engineered TRAP to provoke the people .
    We will revert back to the dark day of 1980-1990 period of violence.
    We May land up with a Genocide -4 and a Blue Star -2 .
    Concentrate on more relevant things like Education and finding new homes in space as this Earth is going to burn up along with Punjab ,Golden Temple and Akal Takth in 4 billion years from now


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