Scottish Sikhs Support Sarbat Khalsa Resolutions

Photo: Herald Scotland

GLASGOW, UK—Tuesday 10 November saw over 600,000 Sikhs attend the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ in Amritsar (Punjab).

Held after months of unrest and protests across India at the subjugation of minorities, 13 resolutions were passed to strengthen all Sikh traditions as well as to reassert Sikhism as an independent faith. It is regrettable that these institutions have been severely undermined through malign state interference, corrupted by groups and individuals masquerading as Sikhs.

The Scottish Gurdwara Council, incorporating the Gurdwaras across the whole of Scotland, stand united in our endorsement of the Sarbat Khalsa and the resolutions passed during the event.

We wholeheartedly accept these resolutions as binding on Sikhs in Scotland and across the globe.

We echo the call upon Sikhs around the world to similarly join together, follow the mandate of the Sarbat Khalsa and work for the common betterment of humanity. We implore those who have been deposed to acknowledge the democratic will of the people and adhere to the request for a peaceful handover of Sikh institutions to those appointed.

We highlight the fact that this matter ought to be completely independent of any state interference.

We are concerned by news reports from Punjab of the detentions and house raids by security forces of individuals involved with or close to this peaceful event and of those leaders who have now been chosen by the will of the people.

The world remembers the massacres of Sikhs from 1978 through the 1980s in Punjab and Delhi, as well as those in 2002 in Gujrat perpetrated upon our Muslim brothers. The Indian Government are advised that Sikhs in Scotland will not sit idly by and allow state sponsored pogroms to reoccur.



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