Op/Ed: A Sarbat Khalsa Perspective

I have read articles about Sarbat khalsa 2015 from Bhai Japnaam Singh, Bhai Santbir Singh and Bhai Moninder Singh. Everything they have written is agreeable and valid. But from my perspective, as a Khalsa Panth, we have further opportunity to improve the transparency of the procedure in Vaisakhi 2016.

The declaration for Siri Akal Thakht Jathedar of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara was clearly extremely popular. I personally see him as a Panthik hero. However without passing any judgement of Bhai Dhian Singh Mand, as his family is full of kurbanee…surely it should be the decision of Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara who he chooses as his representative while he is incarcerated.

Then we heard the third jathedar named as Baljit Singh Daduwal. A decision which I feel will backfire on those who made it behind closed doors. It was comical how he went from sant baba to bhai to jathedar in a matter of minutes. This was the low for the event, especially as many involved behind the scenes know the name put forward by many was Bhai Paramjit Singh Khalsa Anandpur Sahib.

Apart from this for me there were huge positives from the events of that day –

1) The Khalsa Panth has shown its spirit is alive despite being under siege in Punjab. Despite the full efforts of Badal and cohorts, many groups of the Khalsa Panth stood in defiance.
2) The Panth has now realised that the sangat has the decision making capacity for its own destiny and now found its confidence to call the Sarbat Khalsa every 6 months. Yes the procedures of it need to be far more transparent and sincere in involving every aspect the Panth. However no such event is perfect at the beginning. It takes time for the processes to mature, especially when it involves so many people and viewpoints.
3) The idea of a World Sikh Parliament which started in North America and UK has been accepted as a global demand and aim for Sikhs, with the future where SGPC is merely a regional gurdwara administration body for Punjab and Delhi. If this is done properly, it will lead to further institutions like the World Sikh Bank and then a religion delivering a message around the World in a properly funded manner.

As a Khalsa Panth, we are in a far better situation than earlier in the year, where cynicism was rife and disillusionment which no plan. At least now there is a clear pathway to developing a worldwide Sangat based structure for the Khalsa Panth based on Gurmat principles.

It is now for us to move beyond personalities involved and develop policies and procedures to guide the Panth for generations to come, so that regardless of the times, the Khalsa Panth leadership can be intelligent, diligent, humble, brave, dynamic and wise, as was expected by Guru Maharaj.

For this the Khalsa Panth needs to reflect on three areas:-
1) Process for organisation of Sarbat Khalsa 2016.
2) A transparent and structured selection process for Jathedar.
3) The implementation of the World Sikh Parliament.

Lastly, we need to ensure that the Jathedari of Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara is not a symbolic one. He has proven himself to be wise, dynamic and a great organiser. If the Panth can give him a chance to lead without nonsense headaches, despite his incarceration I am sure he will prove himself very capable. I am sure GOI will attack him using other freedom fighter and their letters, as has been done before. But we as a Panth should now make his freedom as campaign as was seen in South Africa for Nelson Mandela. On Bandi Shor Divas, this is what SOPW/Sikh Relief  have worked hard for and Gursikhs like Bapu Surat Singh have been sacrificing for.


  1. Khalsa ji achha likhyaa, we request our intellectuals to come forward and lead. Politicians may ruin everything as did in the past. We need to communicate clearly to the international communities. Direct fight cannot help, these mahants are result of poor selection during elections, we should take care of that also. I would request everyone not to elect leaders, who don’t carry a good character, dont vote for anyone just due to elder respect, superstition, greed, casual approach. Verify the character first, as dhan guru Granth Sahib says that character is above God. Please make sure that no black sheep would get involved and hijack the mission. Guru Fateh


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