“No Masked Protestors Please” for Upcoming Anti-Modi Protest in UK


LONDON, UK—Federation of Sikh Organisations (FSO), based in the UK, sternly asks for masked protestors to stay away.

FSOUK has asked any youth planning to participate in the #ModiNotWalcome demonstrations to be held in London on Thursday 12th November, outside Downing St and in Parliament Square to behave themselves.

General Secretary of the FSO, Bhai Kuldeep Singh Chaheru asked the more youthful members of the congregation to keep themselves respectful and should an “elder asks them to refrain from certain behavior, listen and refrain”.

Continuing, he asked “Anyone who plans to cover their face with scarfs or obscure their faces by other means for concealing their identity, to not participate at all”. To anybody wishing to participate peacefully and resectfully, he said he welcomed one and all.



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