Live Blog: Sarbat Khalsa 2015




  1. This is not True Sarbat Khalsa
    Sikhs being Global in there distribution can no more organize True Sarbat Khalsa

    A) It can at best be called either a :-

    a) 60000/2 crore “Fraction Sarbat Khalsa”
    b) Chabba fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    c) 2015 Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    d) Non SGPC Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    e) Rebel Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    f) Empire Sponsored Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    g) Regime Change Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    h) 1980-1990 era repeat Fraction Sarbat Khalsa
    i) Genocide -04 Precursor Fraction Sarbat Khalsa

    B) It will lead Punjab limping Back to 1980-1990 violent era with resurrection of :–
    i. KPS Gill -2
    ii. KS Brar -2
    iii. Op- Blue star -2
    iv. Genocide-4
    v. Sikh Refugees around the world
    vi. Sikh girls being forced into Prostitution
    vii. Drug addiction in Sikh boys
    viii. De industrialization of Punjab
    ix. Terrorist Label on Sikhs.

    So Just take it easy this is a Road to no where .

    So Look before you Leap


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