Badal Refers to Current Situation in Punjab “Worse Than Militancy Era”; Requests Para Military Forces

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—As per latest information from reliable sources, the Punjab government has demanded 25 companies of the Para Military Forces from the Central government.  The request has been made keeping in view the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ going to be held on November 10 at village Chabba in the province of Amritsar. According to available information, 14 companies were made available to Punjab government on November 6 while the rest are expected to arrive in Punjab till the dawn of November 8. Punjab government has demanded these companies from Central government after thoroughly discussing the current situation of Punjab with DGP Suresh Arora.


In the meeting of District Police Commissioners and Senior Police Commissioners at Chandigarh, Chief Minister Parkash Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal inquired about the current situation in Punjab. Chief Minister Parkash Badal termed the current environment of Punjab much more dangerous than the militancy period. He also strictly instructed the police personnel to maintain calm and harmony across the state and nab the mischievous elements that might cause disturbance of law and order.

Negative reports by the Punjab Intelligence Bureau are learnt to have played a key role in calling Paramilitary Forces to Punjab. According to reliable sources, the Iintelligence agencies have claimed that the activists attending the ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ might prove threat to peace and harmony across state.


  1. Another conspiracy to more bloodshed on PEACEFUL SIKHS, please hold Sarbhat Bhala in AAP Delhi state, because Arvind Kejriwal seems better than badal_/\_

  2. The three roles are being played by

    1) Punjab : Akalis the Original Sikhs of Gurus Time
    2) India : Rashtriya Sikh Sangat of RSS since 1947
    3) Empires : NRI Sikhs and Congress Sikhs since the British Empire rule.

  3. The three main forces in Punjab drama include

    1) Punjab State (Akalis) : The Akali ethos of Punjab state and Sikhs .
    2) Indian Nation ( BJP) : The BJP ethos of Nationalist and Hinduvata.
    3) Empires (Congress) : The Empire ethos for Global dominance and Evangelists .

    They must be all given a share in Punjab’s pie to avoid going back to 1980-1990 era of violence .

  4. Indian State is a criminal entity. Sikhs should stop assembling in Punjab giving India the opportunity to slaughter them again.


    If (X) – Sikhs create disturbance in Punjab.
    Punjab state will morph into a “POLICE STATE” supported by the Nations forces and may be the Empire forces .
    It is however also possible that Empire may support the (X) – Sikhs .
    This may result in loss of Liberty ,loved ones and may lead to the exit of ruling Political Class of Honorable CM PS BADAL under the Empire SOP of


    Honorable CM Mr PS Badal may find himself in situation similar to Assad or late Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro.

    I suggest that at a appropriate time he should hands over the reigns of Punjab to a Congress CM.

  6. A nation who has had Gadars like Nadal does not need external enemies.
    May Waheguru give our Sikh nation to adhere to peace and invite foreign journalists from other countries.
    Ask Al Zazera.


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