After Damdami Taksal, Some Nihang Factions Distance from Sarbat Khalsa

HOSHIARPUR, Punjab—In a meeting held in Hoshiarpur, a number of Nihang factions announced to not attend the Sarbat Khalsa.  Meeting attendees termed the call of ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ on November 10 as an attempt to bifurcate the Sikh panth.  The meeting was convened by Baba Nihal Singh of Tarna Dal Harian Velan who has had differences with Simranjit Singh Mann in past.

Considering the on-going beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Nihang factions appealed to the Sikh masses to recite Gurbani and to pray for unity of the Panth.  It was also announced that Sikhs should avoid lighting and fireworks on this ‘Diwali’.

The meeting was attended by a number of Nihung Dal Jathedars, including Baba Balbir Singh (Budha Dal), Baba Avtar Singh (Baba Bidhi Chand Sur Singh Wale) and others.  Baba Balbir Singh of Budha Dal is known to have good relations with the Akali Dal (B).  While Baba Nihal Singh is a respected Sikh personality, him, along with Baba Avtar Singh (Sur Singh Wale) have been noticed in proximity of the Akali Dal (B) leadership.

Along with the Nihung factions, Damdami Taksal faction headed by Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma too has announced to not attend Sarbat Khalsa.  Baba Dhumma had agreed that the Panth is going through a crisis, however stated that Sarbat Khalsa should only be held at Sri Akal Takht Sahib.  He however called for the removal of the Jathedars.


  1. Regime Change:–

    I personally believe “EMPIRE” is orchestrating a Regime change in Punjab.

    They want a change in Punjab’s and India’s political order .
    They want Badal out some thing like the Assad of Syria or Saddam of Iraq.
    The Empire desires to Create a Bhinderwala -2 to justify Genocide -4 of Sikh people
    The Govt of the day must deal with the issues in a firm and a fair manner

    Global distribution of SIkhs makes it impossible to hold a Sarbat Khalsa i as of today

    Honourable CM Mr Prakash Singh Badal will have to summon all his resources, wisdom and Intelligence to continue to be on the throne of Punjab .

    Sikhs Politics in Punjab today will have 2 broad camps :-

    1) Nationalist Sikhs + Punjabi Sikhs :— NDA + SAD

    2) Empire Sikhs :— NRI Sikhs + Congress Sikhs +AAP Sikhs + Dal Khalsa Sikhs + Losers of 1984 violence period


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