SikhFeed: Five Pictures That Tell The Story of 1984 Sikh Genocide in New Delhi


  1. Damned Congress scum. Worse than Pakistan. People of Subcontinent are generally unhappy fools. The people who did this should be brought to justice and be hanged by their privates. They used their positions to kill innocents and thus help create cracks in India. All religions should get these criminals and put them in jail and then hang them. Dam Dihiwale Congress fools.

  2. Extremely shameful that this happened in my hometown. I was born six years later, so didn’t experience all this first-hand. There is absolutely no justification for violence, hooliganism and killings. It was certainly an attack on the Sikh conscience, as it was not anticipated.

    However, secession from the Indian Union is downright illegal and no Indian has sympathy for a group trying to break our motherland, irrespective of the background of that group. After what happened in 1947, the Indian people will go to any extreme to prevent a repeat. So it is better to totally discard this delusion called independent homeland, since it is not happening at all.

    As for the mass murders of 1984, if there has been no justice till date, I don’t see it granted ever now, 31 years down already. What is important is that the Indian people understand their individual responsibility to keep the society as undivided over petty matters and stay as one cohesive unit. This is the idea of India that was conceived after independence and we must live or die to attain it.


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