Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh: “Not in Favour or Opposed to Sarbat Khalsa”

jathedar ranjit singhCHANDIGARH, Punjab—In a telephone interview, Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh has said that he is not opposed to the idea of Sarbat Khalsa however he will not be a part of the gathering.  He said that until Sikhs come together collectively, such gatherings will bear no fruit.

“Badal has long controlled and misused our institutions and Sikhs need to come together as one to take over,” he said.

“However, there have been similar gatherings since 1986 which did no good for the Panth,” he added.

” I am not condemning the leaders [organizing the Sarbat Khalsa], however I do not have any hopes from them.  The organizers have not mended their affairs or procedures since 1986.  I just don’t see anything new in this,” he said.

A delegation from North America left today for Punjab.  One of the chief members of the delegations, S. Manjit Singh Uppal will attempt to meet with Sarbat Khalsa organizers and compel Bhai Ranjit Singh to attend the Sarbat Khalsa.  S. Manjit Singh Uppal is a well-respected personality in the USA.  He is the former president of the historical Gurdwara Sahib in Stockton.


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