LIVE: UK Protests Against Tyranny in India

Sikhs world wide have been protesting today at on going aggression and murders of Sikhs by Police and Government. Videos have been sent in by protesters outside India House in London. 

Riot Police have now moved into protest. 

Update 4 PM GMT: Thousands of Sikhs protested peacefully, while police surrounded a group of less than a few hundred who had decided to sit in and block the road. Police attempted to move them when a handful got into an altercation. We are receiving reports that 2 Singhs and 1 Singhnee have been arrested. 1 policeman sustained injuries, however it is unclear how.

Met Riot Police outside as Sikhs protest
Watch this video on YouTube.

Horse Mount police - London Sikh protests
Watch this video on YouTube.

Sikh Protest in London - Heavy Police Presence
Watch this video on YouTube.

UK Protests on on going Punjab Crisis
Watch this video on YouTube.









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