BREAKING: Panj Piare Summon appointed Jathedars; Makkar Suspends All Five

Akal Takht Sahib Punj Piare Summon Appointed Jathedars
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AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—The shocking month that has passed in the Punjab has left the entire Sikh Nation losing faith in the SGPC, Akali Dal (B) and the appointed Jathedars of the five Takhts.  Earlier today, the Panj Piaras of Sri Akal Takht Sahib issued summons to the five Takht Jathedars to present themselves in front of the Akal Takht at 10am, on October 23 to clarify  their decision of pardoning Sirsa cult chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim and their lack of Panthik leadership.

Bhai Satinam Singh, Bhai Mangal Singh, Bhai Tarlok Singh, Bhai Satnam Singh and Bhai Major Singh conducted a Gurmatta in the lower floors of the Akal Takht Sahib and after deliberation, announced their decision in the presence of hundreds of devotees.

“Understanding the sentiments of the Sikhs, we summon Giani Gurbachan Singh (Jathedar, Sri Akal Takht Sahib), Giani Iqbal Singh (Jathedar, Takht Sri Patna Sahib), Giani Gurmukh Singh (Takht Sri Damdama Sahib), Giani Mall Singh (Jathedar, Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib) and Giani Ram Singh (Sri Darbar Sahib Granthi) on October 23.”

Bhai Satinam Singh, speaking for the five beloved ones, iterated that they have to take action after seeing how distraught the Sikh Panth has been with the decisions and leadership that has been taking place over the last few weeks.

“When issuing the pardon for Gurmeet Ram Rahim, takht jathedars should have first considered the matter with Panthik jathedars.  Their decision led to sorrow for the entire Panth,” he added on behalf of the Punjab.

Punj Piare – Highest Authority in the Panth

Commenting on the validity of their gurmatta, the Akal Takht Sahib Punj Piare stated that rregardless of anyone’s status or post within the Panth, everyone can be questioned by the Punj Piare.  “Punj piare have been given authority by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, historically, there are references to the Punj Piare even issuing hukams to Guru Sahib,” they added.

The confirmed that the has been taking in accordance to Gurmat and Sikh traditions.

Makkar Irked by Punj Piare Gurmatta

Despite having no authority or control over the working of the Punj Piare at the Akal Takht Sahib, SGPC President Avtar Makkar (member, Akali Dal Badal), has suspending all five, along with two secretaries of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and 4 other employees who were involved in the Gurmatta.


    • Good to hear Panj Pyare reinstated. Sab Kuch Hun Teek Hoyeega. Kaligidhar Dasmesh Pita deh Panj Pyarea Da Faisla Mere Patshah Di Awaz Hoyegi. DHan Guru Gobind Singh Jee.

  1. this makkar needs to resign. How dare he suspends the panj pyare. They have all forgotten their mann maryada and acting to protect their own bad doings. ‘Chor nu apna pala.’ Wahegure Kalgidhar patshah
    apne panaj pyare di awas teh hamesha sir teh hath hunda hey, jit ahna di hi howegi.
    The truth will prevail.. They have been sitting there acting as saints and now ‘ dhood da dhood teh paani da pani ‘samna awega. Waheguru ahna nu bakshae . Whatever happens, happens for a reason, the many wrong doings are going to come out of it, and ik sacha ateh sucha panth samne phir elect hoyega.

  2. Rbb ji mehr kro kaum te…aa makkar vrge gdaar saadi kaum d agvaayi krn vale bne firde aa…ih sb badal de khe te turde aa..panj pyaarya da hukm da guru gobind singh g v mnde c fir eh kon aa gya ohna nu suspend krn vala…and a ta ohna sarya nu suspend kri ja riya jo v ohna de aggainst ne hdh ho gyi akal takhat sikh kaum da h ya kle makkar da..

  3. MAKKAR IS BIGGEST GADDAR OF OUR KAUM – Who in the world can even question Panj Piyare? How dare he take such action? Waheguru aisa Singh Bhaij jo inha Massandan nu gadi chara deve….
    Guru Gobind Singh Ji had to obey the Panj Piyaree – Makkar nu rab bhua aa…. bach ke rahi makkar teri vaari pehla auni aa…..

  4. Makkar di ki taaqat ha Jo punjaa piyareaan wal nigaah chak sake, ehnoo munde di arthi modeyaan te chak k v samajh nahi aayee k Rabb da te att da vair hundaa ha.


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