Pictorial: Thousands Attend Funeral of Bhai Gurjit Singh Murdered by Punjab Police

FARIDKOT, Punjab—Slogans of Khalistan Zindabad were raised by Sangat during Antim Sanskaar of Shaheed Bhai Gurjit Singh who was cremated after arrival of his father from Kenya.



  1. This is a “Religious Provocation Trap “ .

    Some one deliberately Engineer a Sacrilege — People get angry —- People Start a Protest — Somebody shoots the protesting crowd —Passion gets inflamed— Law and order worsens — State calls the Police and Army for law and order problem — state then becomes a police state — Blue star -2 and Woodrose like operation ensues — You loose your freedom and loved ones — and another bitter era like the 1980-1990 ensues.

    Advise ;– Don’t fall in this “Religious Provocation Trap “ .

    • Stop this harinder..you are posting on every article….bottom line is India is sitting on Sikh land taken away from us in 1947 and we have right to have it back. We have right to it back and to reinstitute our own country of Punjab which was taken away from us. We have a right to live in dignity rather than second class citizens..in our country we can show how all castes and religions can live together with respect unlike India..we had done this n he past when we had our country under Maharaja Ranjit Singh


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