Gurdwara Attacked Near Moga – Miscreants Set Paalki Sahib On Fire

MOGA, Punjab—An incident took place yesterday at Kokri Phoola Singh near Ajitwal Distt. Moga, where miscreants set a paalki sahib ablaze.

Luckily, Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s parkash was not done, otherwise the fire would have damaged the saroop (volume).


A case has been registered against 4 unknown persons.  Investigations are currently on-going.  No arrests have been made.

Kokri Phoola Singh near Ajitwal Distt Moga


  1. If you are so offended by this then why don’t you go and protest rather than inciting people and putting them in harms way.

    Life purpose is certainly not to get shot by a Police man or a Army man over a manufactured provocation which aims to push Punjab back into the 1980 like period.

  2. I agree that the atrocites with tearing of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is unacceptable, and the individuals need to be caught and punshied. however it appears that there is a sect of Sikhs that are using this and twisting around the situation for their own political gain. We need to all learn to co-habitate, and that includes Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. Before we start to riot and fight, and finger point, we need to take a step back and not add petrol to the fire. Cooler heads need to prevail.

  3. This is a trap

    Sacrilege —Anger in Public — Public Protests– Gathering Takes place– Some body fires — People die — people get more angry –Lawlessness prevails — Stage set for the 1980 like Turbulence — State will have no choice but to deploy Police and Army —-leading to further repression and a avoidable Grief.

    Don’t fall in this Trap .

      • Please ignore “Harinder”.

        Everyone here knows he is an RSS terrorist agent that trolls these forums and earns a living by writing (Rs. 50 per post) total nonsense completely devoid of all logic, facts and reason. Thousands of innocent Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and tribals have been killed in “secular democracy” India, the rape capital of the world.

        “Harinder” and his impotent RSS buddies are going around all of Punjab desecrating the Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, trying to agitate Sikhs and desperately trying to make an excuse to kill them all entirely while their impotent master is in power, just like the Congress government tried in the 80’s and 90’s after murdering more than 200,000+ innocent Sikhs.

        Looks like their plan is backfiring and is actually strengthening the Panth and bringing it together.

        They can try all they want, but as always, they will fail.

        Khalistan Zindabad!

  4. This is the Most Humiliating And Degrading of The sikh religion I Have Ever read since the Storming of the Golden Temple.THE CULPRITS MUST BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED.There seems to be a political link somewhere,Why is The Foreign Press and Social Media Blocked? MAY THE SHAMELESS COWARDS ROT IN HELL.OUR CONDOLENCES TO ALL WHO DIED AND THEIR FAMILIES.

  5. Dear Sikhs and Punjabis, I hope you are also thinking that no sane person of any creed is going to do this. This is politics being played with not only yours, but sentiments of all Indians.

    This has got hallmark of non-ruling parties creating trouble for already corrupt Punjab politicians of ruling party. If you get angry they will use this as weapon to create unrest.

    This is absolutely not you, but each other they are fighting against and using your anger. They are all currupt lowly animals.


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