Sikhs spearhead awareness campiagns against sexual grooming in UK

Abuse scandals in the UK

bradford against grooming eventBRADFORD, UK—In the last few years, the UK has seen an absolute torrent of stomach churning revelations which has had the whole country reeling in shock, in high-profile cases of sexual exploitation, grooming, organised rape, blackmail and abuse. The most shocking of which is not only the number of cases (the record breaking amount which in itself, is horrific enough), but the heights of society within which these depraved and barbaric acts have occurred. Sadly, this included children of both genders.

From nationally loved celebrities to a staggering number of senior politicians, underground networks of groups and individuals have attempted to satisfy their animalistic urges via the exploitation of the young and innocent for decades now. Witnesses have only recently begun finding the courage to come forward to reveal their horrifying ordeals after national disgust at the recent nationwide scandals.

The willful blind-eye shown by authoritative bodies including councils and police (Rotherham scandal), in dealing with the numerous reports of abuse, appear to have been deliberately ignored at an institutional level.

In towns such as Bradford, Rotherham, Oxford, London and Birmingham, an ever-spiking figure of young and vulnerable Sikh, white and Hindu girls are being exploited and blackmailed and communities are no longer content in ignoring the issues.

Bradford Against Grooming . The event takes place Sunday 27th Sept from 2pm to 4pm at “Kala Sangam”, Bradford BD1 4TY

An awareness campaign is underway in Bradford, beginning with a production play entitled, “Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter”. The event takes place at 2pm on Sunday 27th September. Local Sikhs have come together to form the organisation “Bradford Against Grooming”, under which the event is due to be run. Community members and parents are being openly invited to attend, where tips will be shared on safeguarding children against being exposed to and manipulated by sinister groups that are rife and active in towns such as Bradford, throughout the UK.

The event is free to attend and is also being used as a platform to openly question and challenge local representatives from the authority in the area and is being supported by organisations such as the Sikh Awareness Society, Bradford Safeguarding Children Board, the Sikh Helpline and Kaur’s Corner.


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