Derby Sikh Community Begin Plans to House Syrian Refugees

Derby, UK—Religious groups in the city of Derby have joined forces to accommodate Syrians in churches, temples and mosques. Their offer came after the city council said it did not have the resources to accept any more migrants.

20 families have already been offered housing in the area. Further accommodations are further being planned by the joint Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities.

Gurpal Singh, who attends the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Sikh temple, says he thinks the Sikh community will also respond.

Mr Singh, who is the head of operations at the National Sikh Museum, said meetings will be taking place to finalise details of their plans.

He said: “This is the right way forward and we want to help. What’s happening out there is a disaster.

“In principle this would be brilliant and we will try everything we can to help.”

Ranjit Banwait, leader of Derby City Council, said his view is that the UK had a “moral obligation” to take in refugees but that Derby had reached capacity for taking them in.

Mr Banwait said the council would have to fund the refugees school places and homes, something which he said they couldn’t afford.

Balbir Sandhu, chairman of the Indian Community Centre, which works with several religions, also backed the plans.

He said: “We would love to offer assistance and help in any way we can. There are some terrible images on the television and we need to act on this.”



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