Indian Investigation Team Gets Extension to Probe ’84 Sikh Massacre

84 protest

The Government of India’s Union Home Ministry has given a one year extension to the Special Investigation Team (SIT), for conducting a fresh probe into the 1984 anti-Sikh Pogroms cases.

The SIT was set up this year in February and was initially for for six months, following a recommendation by a committee, headed by former Supreme Court judge, Justice (retd) GP Mathur. The committee was set up to look into the possibility of re-investigation of the 1984 riots.

“The SIT  has so far only submitted a few preliminary reports to the home ministry as it looks into the record of cases,” said an anonymous home ministry official.

The SIT is re-investigating all serious cases of anti-Sikh Pogroms of 1984 by examining records of all police stations — Delhi as well as other states — where the riots had taken place and also examining the findings of the justice SD Jain and justice DK Agarwal committees. The home ministry has asked the SIT to take appropriate steps for a thorough probe and file charge-sheets in appropriate courts with available evidence.



  1. Just another delay tactic. Killers investigating killers. Nothing will come out of this, unfortunately.

    India is not safe for minorities.

    • I agree with the above. Its like satan investigating himself. India is not a free country, its a tyranny. the people need to wake up

      Shame on everyone who stood by and watched passively at the atrocities committed in 1984. Justice will be served by the creator in due course


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